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  1. 'That aura... auras like that tend to mean bad news...' Raina didn't want to assume too much. He seemed to have that dark side under control, but obviously Raina needed to know more about that fighter.
  2. By now, the fight had only intensified since Raina had seen the screen. It was clear that a lot had occurred during her trip. "Hey kiddo, how's the fight?"
  3. "Thanks!" Raina exclaimed. 'I guess 1000 gil is a big deal, huh? Come to think of it... Raina heard the calling sounds for the next fight. Fighter 4 had shown up, but not Fighter 3... hadn't it been that guy with the beard earlier? She heard cheering once again and saw a viewscreen of the arena. Facing Hyde was a different bearded man, older and more experienced. He almost reminded her of Sophos, the Havenray God, at least in appearance. And even through the screen, Raina could tell he was calm. And powerful. It may be best to view this directly.
  4. Raina took Anwalt's hand for a firm shake. "That was pretty exciting. It's been a while since I fought someone who preferred to go up close." Once Raina left the arena, she proceeded towards the receptionist. "I heard there was a prize, right?"
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  6. Anwalt went down. That was his second knockdown by Raina's count, but he seemed to be making no moves... Raina was prepared to defend, but made no attempt to attack.
  7. Doki Doki palettes for Melty Blood characters.
  8. 'That darkness!' Raina tossed aside the orbs she'd been preparing. Perhaps some normal orbs would've repelled it, but Raina didn't feel like taking any chances. "Havenray Seal!" Raina shouted, bringing several red white and blue orbs to match Anwalt's appropriated attack.
  9. "Hyah!" Raina threw her orbs towards Anwalt, preparing another set to toss his way.
  10. 'That worked.' Wordlessly, Raina spun several orbs around her, preparing to toss them at Anwalt. If previous trends were taken into account, he'd probably be even faster than before....
  11. Raina got up. It wasn't normal for her to be distracted like that, but these were hardly normal circumstances, were they? She summoned several large orbs around her, before tossing them towards Anwalt. "Explosive sign, Fourth of July," Raina said, and then the orbs exploded.
  12. Raina saw the incoming attack and how he'd let the smaller attacks hit him. He'd been getting faster and stronger the entire fight. A Freedom Seal could do strong damage, but probably not enough. The Havenray Barrier might be able to block the attack, Fourth of July could be strong, and Raina did have some tricks for up close. If things got too crazy, Evocation could be- That was sealed away. whatever brought Raina to this realm also sealed that ability away. This was not a great time to find that out. To Raina's credit, she did block the attack. With her stomach. Anwalt scored his first knockdown as Raina flew back. Fourth of July it'd have to be.