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  1. I'm being redirected to the homepage instead of the file page.
  2. Download: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=8258621F51E4D5B8!792&cid=8258621F51E4D5B8 Wasn't reported earlier so I should at least mention that she was released 8/30/18.
  3. Download: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=655c2e0d39d1ae8e&id=655C2E0D39D1AE8E!113&ithint=folder,&authkey=!AHyrvdQ4kwBvVY0
  4. Download: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/yang-xiao-long-184566.0.html
  5. The sprites are fine as is. Again, that's how they are in-game. You don't have to do anything extra.
  6. I don't see the problem. I'm pretty sure that's how they actually are in-game. Or are you just wanting to remove them for your own effects?
  7. Oh. I saw them listed in the readme and thought they were implemented. My mistake then.
  8. I assume this is trying to be accurate to DFC, yea? I'll boot up my copy tomorrow and give better feedback. But for the time being: You shouldn't be able to combo after the last hit of her Trump Card. Speaking of, I don't remember the last hit being active for so long. Supers should only be done with a+b. I'm having problems doing her Climax Arts because of this. I could've sworn you could do her Trump Card off of EX One Hand Shoot. Opponent can tech during just frame Impact Skill followup. 5C is the only air blockable normal. 5B/2B should be the only unblockable ones. (Or maybe just 5B, but I know some characters have 2B unblockable so I assume it's universal.) I don't think EX One Hand Shoot had such huge range for the initial hit. Frame data is wrong. Recommend checking this. http://wiki.mizuumi.net/w/Dengeki_Bunko_Fighting_Climax/Tomoka_Minato
  9. Can't download any of Syouga's characters.
  10. I don't remember what files were changed so I just uploaded the whole character. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b3snc6ikigbdt7z/Custom_Greed.7z
  11. Download: http://nemunemu.zohosites.com/ Also known as M3. Kokoro also updated. Also just found out he made an Arc and White Len OR2. Why does no one ever report his stuff man.
  12. It was a WIP that never finished.
  13. She has huge hitstun off almost everything which leads to very easy standing infinites. Also the AI is doing things the player can't otherwise (chaining specials into each other) unless there's something I'm missing.