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  1. What's the OneDrive file name for Muteki's Order Sol?
  2. Mines from a Warhammer 40k edit of a meme
  3. My real name means God has Healed in Hebrew
  4. Would you rather play Dark Souls on the easiest mode or risk getting swarmed by a horde of angry people for playing it
  5. My Teen Romantic Comedy "I hate nice girls"
  6. Freddie Mercury and Dio. Both were the the apex of vocal mastery and after they died music has been going on a downhill jam
  7. The King of Fighters Arrange compilation Duracelleur made. I had the most fun in ages when I tried them out, reason? I enjoyed the combo system
  8. Outside of Mugen: Shadow Jago because he's cheap as fuck and beating him to the cold hard ground is a very rewarding experience In Mugen: Rare Akuma for comedic purposes because it feels like a reverse One Punch Man situation and Nightmare Geese because I'm a big Geese fan and player