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  1. December 1st!



  2. "Hi, there's been some progression regarding the move double hyper beam the arms are correct this time though the beams won't track the position of the arms at the correct time despite seemingly matching. anyway just give it another week if it's not corrected I'll send over celesteela the way it is now." From @aequals1
  3. A dA Note from @aequals1 "Hello, The double hyperbeam for celesteela has been a bit to hard to code given the various varadds and posadds that have to be juggled along with it. so single hyperbeam will be done instead of double hyperbeam." in practice not working... If anybody that's a good Mugen Coder, go message him for some help.
  4. New Mugen Video I made yesterday.

    Seems like it's a Rival Match

    1. RMaster007


      Unblock me you coward

  5. It's so great to be back! Let's just hope that something bad that happened to it will never happened again!


    And other news.


    Back before the Smash Direct 11.1.18, I was having high hopes for ether Incineroar or Ken but then when the direct is on and to my biggest surprise, BOTH OF THEM ARE CONFIRMED IN SMASH ULTIMATE!


    It’s almost as if Nintendo was listening to my wish for having Incineroar and Ken in the game.

  6. "Here's the final move for Celesteela I believe." ~aequals1 Though this move Explosion was suppose to be a Fatal Move.
  7. H.I.P.P.I.E.H.O.P. Sprite Arrangement and animation by Jenngra505
  8. Spoiler

    Shimmering Brony has updated Panty and finally released Stocking!



    by DaMarcus008

    it even has the Smash Bros. rhythm to show how hyped I am for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

  10. Why thank you. I'm really appreciated that you like our edit of Yoma (as in me and CSAvion/CaillouStrawberry)
  11. Hey there, @aequals1 send me a note update about Celesteela's Iron Defense! Here's the list below... will counter only projectiles, not normal attacks last 600 ticks (10 seconds) the projectile will be throw in the same direction where the attack came from moves fast while activated the Y position of the projectile will follow the Y position of the attacker fx when activate and desactive Can't execute hyper moves while activate, including Brutal Swing (seams a bit unfair to have a armor move + counter move)
  12. Update GIF Showcase from @aequals1 showing Celesteela's Brutal Swing.

    I finally fixed the internet with the help of HP!