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  1. Everytime I play Hazama and Ragna by Devilpp, Mugen crashes everytime, giving me this message:Error detected.Can't load Ragna.sffError loading chars/ragna/ragna.defError loading p1Clipboard tail:Loading BG...OKStage loaded OKAllocating helpers...OKMatch RNG seed: 1648456934Reset persist vars team 0Reset persist vars team 1Loading character chars/ragna/ragna.def...Loading info...Info: Ragna loading in pre-1.0 compatible modeOKLoading cmd command set COMANDOS.cmd...OKLoading cns CONSTANTES.cmd...OKLoading cns Ragna.cns...OKLoading cns helpers.cns...OKLoading cns DistortionDrives.cns...OKLoading cns Especiales.cns...OKLoading cns EstadosP2.cns...OKLoading cns Atakes.cns...OKLoading cmd state entry COMANDOS.cmd...OKLoading common states COMUN.cns...OKLoading sff Ragna.sff...Character ragna.def failed to loadDoes anyone know what's causing this problem? I'm using 1.1
  2. Re-uploaded and posted the new link.
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/file/u15164kb335vzd1/DC_Vs_Marvel.zip
  4. 225 Characters, Marvel and Capcom characters only. Most of them have MVC gameplay as much as I could find except a few. Feel free to edit. Credit to all creators. Enjoy peeps. http://www.mediafire.com/file/6zh612dx1igtdpa/MvC.zip
  5. Does anyone have another link to the file? I can't seem to download it from the site.