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  1. Koshty released a Momoka, though she feels very much unfinished.
  2. Not really. MFFA was down last night for a few minutes. Haven't had problems since. Also, how long did that take you to edit all that?
  3. GUMI Megpoid (VOCALOID) released (11/13/2018)
  4. MFFA I missed you bby.

  5. Yes, Azusa will eventually be updated, though she's the toughest to code.
  6. Statedef 5900 will have to be overwritten in order to have multiple intros for your character. Just copy the code from the common1.cns and add it on your character's cns.
  7. Easy stuff. Keep the original code. You have to make sure that you have a statedef present for that value number, along with the animations that use it, otherwise, it will not trigger. And since you want it to trigger 2 win poses at (random%x), you need to have statedef 181, 182 and so on, depending on the number that's inside random% . Look through KFM for reference.
  8. LOL I wasn't expecting a Flinstones stage from Vegaz. Good work.
  9. Gee I wonder what swaps these are...