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  1. thank you very much Margatroid
  2. Thank you very much for making this collection this game has become one of my favorites thanks to its peculiar artistic style, its great music ....... and now to enjoy it in mugen
  3. Hey Oxyonthewolf look in config.cns [Statedef -3] [State -1, AI‹N“®ƒXƒCƒbƒ`] Type = VarSet Trigger1 = 1 ;1‚ÅAI‘¦‹N“® V = 59 Value = 1 --------------------- Of 1 changes to 0 IgnoreHitPause = 1
  4. hey thank you very much friend and Great work
  5. Could someone give me a link to download the latest version of dracula by Sky79 (Original by raigugiraru)? please've already searched but can not find. Note: in mfg there is a link but do not think that the latest version
  6. I could download it thanks bro
  7. broken link could reupload please?