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  1. Pre-mature grayness sucks.

    1. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      i read pre-mature gayness

    2. Erroratu


      lol me too

    3. Noside


      Second that guys lol

  2. http://www.mediafire.com/download/zk1n096uxnltv9b/Caught_In_Midnight.zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/f5adbv1hai1bxj2/Monochromatic_V2.zip
  3. Ms. Marvel is 16? Thor is a woman. Captain America has no SS serum...................................yeah, I'm done dude.

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    2. Ryou


      Because it's didney worl

    3. MugoUrth


      First chibification, now this? Where are they doing this with again?

    4. Yagoshi_The_Yoshi


      X-Men Evolution All Over Again

  4. No. A scary American story by HP Lovecraft written in 1926. Cthulhu is like...a giant, octopus-headed [email protected]@rd who ruled the world through mind control during Atlantis era, and plans to do it again, but he's kind of "waking up" from hibernation. So, as he is awakening, he uses his mind control and ability to influence people psychically (i.e., the "call") to start building cults and groups who will make his world domination easier in the modern era (1920's). Shuma Gorath was kind of Marvel's version of him. If this was anime, it would prob be some 12 yo he/she boy who beats up like.............umm.....a transexual gorilla with a butterknife, or something.
  5. Good Luck to all the MFFA members here who are Fighting Game masters that are competing in EVO 2014!

  6. This is some Monty Python/Mighty Boosh shit right here
  7. Leonard Carlyle AKOF Informer
  8. Great job, bro! Hope to see that Luffy and many others from you, especially Gold Roger. What you did with WB and Akainu is beautiful. Yeah, part of that was typed way too fast, while I was in a rush. My bad. Seriously. Damn it, Thrillo. As far as "we all" live the urban dictionary life? No, no, no, basically the guys who tore him and his self esteem down without proper provocation, personal insulting, and unprofessional nor neutral criticism of his creations, are basically people who are no where near important enough to cause him to feel as bad as he did, or quit something he enjoys. He shouldnt feel upset over bitter delusional cyber bullies. I appreciate the criticism. But permission to put your foot down? IDK. Sure. But I'm not interested in arguing. This thread, and this site, is about the art, and improving it. I'd rather discuss the art personally, since all of us here really enjoy QUALITY art (That's right, Xasor. We all love your quality).
  9. Who's Navana, who's Regina, and why is this all going down?

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    2. Noside


      Navana? long story short, sausage rider.

  10. Xasor, look up the definition of the term "Waifu". Read it carefully. Then realize those who make fun of you (as well as me, and many others) actually live the life Urban Dictionary actually defines under "Waifu". Then think about what kind of life these insulters live. Every day, all day, for years, and will be in the future. When you literally go out and hang and talk to ppl, they are still closed up in their room insulting ppl and touching themselves to japanese drawings. Keyboard commandos indeed. So yeah, truth be told, if you met them IRL, you would have very very hard time taking them seriously at all. So, take a break, and THINK about that i said.
  11. *cough* Bronze Tiger from DC Comics *cough*
  12. Here, let me fix your post for you, buddy: If you still want to make fun of me, you need to be using that energy to go outside and get out that dark, musty room. You have the freedom to make fun of me, but... I CAN CODE THOUGH. I reupped my links for my fans and those who still wanted it. Because I'm awesome, and I reinvigorated chars that otherwise would still be chibi one-button hyper DS flops. I changed them to a I really love making characters, and expecting recognition for well done art is common sense. Today is my birthday and I will be going out with my friends I might not be back soon mackin'. I just hope others will enjoy the artistic talents of one of my hobbies just for relaxing. UPDATED -Fixed AI -Fixed offscreen dash -Fixed level 3 hyper loop for akainu and WB -Made the round 2,3,4 pal selector for hulk faster -Added superjump to WB and Akainu Savage Hulk, right out the books http://xasormugen.bl...al-release.html Whitebeard, F*** yo ship http://xasormugen.bl...e-20-final.html Akainu Sakazuki http://xasormugen.bl...al-release.html