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  1. Parc d' Attractions -- the second level from the French, SNES Sailor Moon game -- is accessible at my site. ?
  2. Thanks, Vegaz; your cordial demeanor is most appreciated. ^_^
  3. Likewise; it's thrilling to make the acquaintance of one's fans, SnipingRaptor. ?
  4. I'm much obliged by the gestures of kindness in unfamiliar territory, guys. Thank you. ?
  5. Dislikes: Since I thoroughly savor victory by way of a reasonably level playing field, I'll assert cheap, overpowered AI as my biggest pet peeve. Awful palettes, misaligned sprites, ridiculous attack priority, and obnoxiously deafening sound effects all place a close second to unfair computer control. In the absence of its inventor, I've developed a minor loathing for the "PotS Style" (hear me out). As I see it, it's inadvertently become a ruler by which to measure those of us who march to the beat of our own drum. Don't get me wrong, as I certainly recognize that the torch has been passed to proficient individuals (like JMorphman). Likes: Other than balanced, gameplay-centric source accuracy, my likes are fundamentally antithetical to the first two statements mentioned above.
  6. At this time, I'm waiving the fortuity of an introduction (as I'm by no means a newcomer to the Mugen scene) to simply say that I'm delighted for the opportunity to share my particular breed of creation with you fine folks. ?