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  1. December 1st, 2018: Updated King of Games, Bitch! -His Pot of Greed move now has a small chance of drawing an Exodia Piece -Draw all 5 pieces to unleash a powerful move. -The odds of drawing an Exodia piece improve with each time you use this move. -His Double Jump is now magic. I guess there's a jetpack inside the Millennium Puzzle. -New winpose, new intro for round 1, as well as 2 new intros for the rounds after that. -Black Luster Soldier (CMK) now has unique voice lines. -Try having him fight Len from Melty blood or Felicia from Darkstalkers.
  2. Hello! Brergrsart, here. Ever run into that problem where your character has 12 win poses but only decides to go to that one winpose you end up regretting you made every round? Well don't worry, because Warunoyari's got you covered with his randomizer! I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I'm here to release a wonderful tool that helps you randomize your character's entrances and winposes without having them duplicate. So here's the important question: How do you use it? This program comes in two versions, one that uses command lines in the command prompt, and another that simply opens like a regular .exe. To use the Manual input version: Simply open it like you would any other .exe and follow the instructions provided. Simple and easy! It uses the same parameters as Command Line, and it also outputs an output.txt for your copy and pasting needs. [Read command line explanation for details.] To use the command line version: Open up cmd.exe (your command prompt) and enter the parameters like the example shown below (Make sure you also specify the directory where you saved it, as well as the RandomizerTro/CommandLine folders): Random.exe --Amt 5 --Temp FVar(38) --Permanent Var(39) --Base 181 --Incrementor 1 --Label 180 Amt refers to haw many Entrances/Winposes your characters has. Temp is a Randomized Variable from [0 to AMT] (Be sure to use a variable that are NOT in use by the character) To be more specific, it chooses a random number, and when that 'number' (AKA Intro or Outro) has not been used it proceeds. Permanent is the Variable That logs which Intros/Outros have been used so that they do not repeat. Base is the first state (lowest number) among the Entrances/winposes. (Do NOT use the Entrance/Winpose selector) This is 180 or 190 in standard design. Incrementor is how much the states increase their numbers by. So if, for example, your States are organized like (181, 182, 183), then you want this to be 1 since they increase by 1 in between them. If they go up by 10 (1800, 1810, 1820, etc), then you want this to be 10. This goes without saying, but this means you need to make sure your entrance and/or winpose states go up by a consistent number. Label is the number in the [State X] sections. Use whatever number you want, but it has to be an integer. After the program does it's magic, the code will be output as "Output.txt" in the same folder as the .exe file. Just take that text and copy it into your state 180/190, depending on if this was to randomize Entrances (190) or Win poses (180). (If the Command Line version doesn't work for whatever reason, or you're not comfortable with the command prompt, you can simply use the Manual input version instead.) (If you need more instructions on how to use either version of the program, check out the enclosed README.txt - It has more detailed instructions in it.) Also for you developery types, He included the source code in there. And without further ado: Download it here. Special thanks to Warunoyari for making this. And yes, to clarify, I didn't make this, but feel free to ask questions here if you have any, and I'll relay them to him if I don't know the answer myself.
  3. Welcome to Brergrking! Hello, world! It's Brergrsart! That one guy who does the thing sometimes. Here you will find all the characters I have made and released. This thread will serve as an alternate location of my website (where you will also find more details about my characters including movelists for my more recent work, release dates, and my personal thoughts of that character's theme and/or creation process). Most of my crew are made with MUGEN 1.1 in mind, but they all work just fine in MUGEN 1.0 unless otherwise stated. Most of my work up until my recent releases have been designed for Fast 5-7 Speed, but whatever game speed you prefer is still fine. Also note that because my characters were designed to compete in AI vs AI matches, fighting them as a human player may prove difficult when using normal characters. Typically when I make a character, I debut them on whatever MUGEN AI Betting Site accepts my work, and release them to the public in around a week, in case I discover a bug or want to tweak something last minute. You can also find my work here, alongside other authors dedicated to creating content for MUGEN Betting Sites if you so wish, but it should be noted that this thread and my website will have the most up to date versions or my work quicker and more consistently since they'll be uploaded straight from the source. With all that out of the way, here's my roster, sorted by most recently released! (Characters that are variations of each other are grouped together) Characters in blue are hefty downloads (>= 100 MB) Characters in purple are hefty downloads (>= 200 MB) Characters in gold are variations of each other. (This could be a minor change such as their core mechanic functioning slightly different or a major one such as an edit of an older version of itself. This does not count 1.1/1.0 versions as they are meant to function exactly the same way.) Extreme Pepsi Hong Meiling (1.1) / (For MUGEN 1.0 ) || Dodge Viper / (Without the music for an easier download) || Choice Banned Gyarados || Carlos, My Main Man || Chang Attack Force Passive-Aggressive Chun-Li || Dance Master Duane || Neku || Dank Lord Ganondorf || Spellcutie Bulk Bogan || Uncle Joel || Rokettotanku || Homura did (interpretation) Wrong / Time Loop Madoka || Flock of Falling Father Figures Cease and Desist || Smoke Ninja Zero || Gweelay || YOUR SOUL IS MAYAN || True Monando Boy Miles Edgeworth (Reproduction of LD's version) || Mister Fahrenheit || Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Karin || Pepsimen (OOOOOooouuUUUUGH! This Fettuccine is LOUD!) || Shotoclown Don't Worry... These Pizzas are in Good Hands || Ridiculous Necromancer Girl || How Are You? || The Bestest Ken in the World / The Violentest Ken in the World || King of Games, Bitch! Fattest Tony || That Guy || Buster || !balrog || Kokodesuka / The Goenitz Experience 2015 naM uF gnuK || Stretchy Limbs / Stretchy Limbs Mk CDXX - Ultimate Pound || Spin To || Shalk || Santos
  4. I made a quick little edit of Carlos to have him match the gameplay from that one time Joel from Vinesauce played the game.
  5. How the heck did you upload my character to this site faster than I did holy wow (Thank you).
  6. Oh lord this character is what I would see in my nightmares, good work! Now Harold can finally wreak havoc.
  7. The Violentest Ken in the World released by Brergrsart (02/09/2018) I made an edit of The Bestest Ken in the World because some people in a YouTube comments section said so. Isn't that reason enough? Pretty cheap character, so be forewarned, but still beatable. Download him here.
  8. I'm just gonna copy and paste what I put in the About Me section of my website: Yes.