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  1. The reason why the idiom "castles in the air" goes.
  2. Well, another spotlight from an obscure Capcom character stolen from.
  3. By the time I finished this video, I only found out that Lilith was just updated. Welp.
  4. Aww... look at the adorable kids playing kun- OH MY GAWD THERE'S SHRAPNEL EVERYWHERE
  5. Would be fair to share with the pain of the others, right?
  6. Gonna post again about other characters I use. Ryu (Phantom of the Server): Back in the day, I never saw myself using a shoto character. Then, I started fighting more normal opponents and Ryu was actually surprisingly fun to pick up. Spiders still scare him, though. Yuka Takeuchi (Nyan☆Kiryu): I became interested in trying her out when I saw her in action in Sonikun's videos a couple of times. Her playstyle and conversions actually clicked and now I play as her at times. Here is one waitress who can serve kickass with a side of cute. Kosaku Kawajiri (Amarimono): If Michael Bay had a favorite JoJo character, he would definitely be one of them. Not only does he possess a very fun comboability, but detonating his bombs is also devilish to do. Hide your waifus, boys, he's coming for their hands. Perfect Cell (Choujin): He's not perfect, but he'll do. While he doesn't have the same fun factor as Piccolo Daimaoh, he can still really deal the hurt especially when his Level 3 comes in. Became notorious for being a molester in the English dubs, not helped by how he greets opponents with his Vanish Attack in DragonBall FighterZ. Kasumi Todoh (KoopaKoot): I tried her out just to humiliate BK100's Todoh and found myself liking her. Not only does she hit like a truck, her counters can come in handy, too. If she scores perfects all the time just by standing in one place, then we have a serious problem here. Michael Roa Valdamjong (9): His Full Moon style became a new favorite in the source game. Beware the lightning strikes, the combos and the mobility, the damages can get really high. Was once mistaken as a concert pianist and the undead King of Pop. Miyuki Shiba (Kohaku): Surely I deserve a mudhole stomp for using a Mary Sue. Destroying opponents with her is the relatively easy part. Resisting the urge to bury her with her Onii-sama is where it slightly gets tough.
  7. Not referencing that song. Ylvis might be on my tail.
  8. Fighting her Boss Mode felt more like a chore instead of a challenge.