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  1. Added a link that goes to a different site.
  2. I did the MVC2 Version of Android 18. https://sites.google.com/site/n00b12slab/m-u-g-e-n/characters/android18 Can it please be added to this?
  3. I'm forced to take a break from Mugen Guild for the rest of the day, I'll come back tomorrow.
  4. Just a Reminder: If you finished the sprite sheet, or if you want to post a GIF Image on here, You can post the Full Sprite Sheet, so I can use it, and you're allowed to post the Anim GIF here.
  5. Thanks for moving it into the Ideas thing, I did not know where the Ideas were, BTW did you see Pakdam Pakdai Before?
  6. Introducing the Pakdam Pakdai Characters for Mugen. I only made the Icon and Portraits. So I will need assistants that are excellent sprite makers. You'll need to copy every single color of each character and make it the same so it can be applied as I use every sprite. Watch the Pakdam Pakdai Intro Here. I know the quality is bad, but chill out if you get irritated. Anyways, Click here to assist to make sprites. Remember that the sprites must include: Standing, Crouching, and Air. Light Punch Medium Punch Strong Punch Light Kick Medium Kick Strong Kick Specials Hypers Taunting Win Lose Walking Foward and Backward Running Foward and Backward Being Hit.
  7. I'm Making Book from BFDI right now. I'm editing his sprites. No, they aren't messy.
  8. Great job! I knew it was even better than My Courage.
  9. December 2017: Courage will be released on Chirstmas/New Year's

    January: Courage will be released on my birthday

    Feburary: Courage will be released in March

    Now: Courage will be released in Spring and updates will be released in June

    Let's not complain about his creations. ;)

  10. Uh oh, Smash Fan 41 returned! I hope he doesn't bring his courage vid back up as my courage character is the worst. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK-6PA-wc5HDqGmT5bqCGUg/featured
  11. You're doing a fantastic job on your M.U.G.E.N. Chars. Keep up the good work! :)

  12. OK, now Coraline has the .DEF file, do you want to try again?


  13. What? Are you serious? Alrighty, I'll add the .DEF file.