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  1. Character Names ,Time and Combo Counter don't appear. Hello, I got a little problem here. This is my NSUNS4 Lifebars pack. But the thing is I cannot see the time counter and characters's name. Anyone know how to fix this please ? Thank you. P/s Oh one more thing. The Combo counter also don't appear either.
  2. Greetings. Hi, name is John Wells but please call me "Beatrix" I started editing MUGEN characters since 2014. Most of them were the others's characters, I just edit and upgrade them. I like the JUS style and I'm still editing characters with this style. I like editing characters, beside i enjoy listening to music such as R&B, Chill or Funky, City Nights and so on. -Cough- I also enjoy drawing. Uh... I guess I have nothing more to say. So.... Glad2seecha. Cheers!