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  1. Sorry if I look stupid but what type of unethical practices? Is it like, data leak or something like that?
  2. After I'm done with this, I'll go for the gaming characters. It's 2:40 AM here, 100% doing the descriptions for the current characters tomorrow.
  3. In my collection, I'd go up to 100 in counting characters. In my build that has around 70 characters, pretty much DDR's characters (how is he not mentioned in this thread?) other than Marvin and maybe Duck Dodgers. I also struggle against Ilusionista's Shadow Man and really they wouldn't be in my smaller build if I just didn't love playing as them.
  4. I've tried them, I liked Getsuyoubi, Bakumatsu Kora and Unknown. I'll add the first one and Spark Boy because I love how he looks even though he feels a bit off (no jumping and sometimes his moves don't work). Also Spark Boy's damaged sprite isn't that good. Anyway, the characters I plan to add: Aardvark, Zim, Courage, Pac-man and Getsuyoubi. Spark Boy & Road Runner are both weird feeling so I decided I'll add a special section. I won't add Stewie though. I didn't add Evil Ken because I already added Evil Homer who is just a reskin but I like him more. Ronald McDonald would offer something to the list as well considering he's a big name in and around MUGEN.
  5. The list was getting updated either way so this was a good time to add. Spark Boy looks cool from his sprite (I presume he's an original?), I'll check them out.
  6. Although I have recommended Big Chicken previously, I'm going to make him have his own section. I'd add Lows 9.0 just to settle this whole Stewie debate as all Stewie characters are garbage but his Stewie, despite being a KFM edit and having a bit of left overs from there that are easily found, has very smooth and good animations. Someone really needs to make a Stewie character though, for real. Also I'm going to be trying out many characters today. I'm having sort-of a day off. I've also decided to main Big Chicken considering I'm starting to like the fights between him and Peter, and also because I got absolutely destroyed by a real-life friend of mine who used him (I was Homer Simpson)
  7. Haven't tried Beavis/Butthead even though I have him. Jailbot I'm going to add him soon, and yeah they're going to be added soon.
  8. I have Dexter in my MUGEN but I wanted to upgrade because of his size. I'll be tuned for when this comes out! I'm a huge fan of DDR's characters and I've already put two, but I plan on adding Road Runner and Marvin. I have a lot of memories with Duck Dodgers so I didn't put him in fear of bias. Popeye is scary-strong, he's definitely going to be added.
  9. I downloaded Zim/Rocko before but I haven't tried them. I'm a huge fan of your Count Duckula though also I have Courage too in my game. I'll add CD and I'll see if there are others to add. I might add Courage but he's a WIP even though I already like him. I'll check Zim/Dib/Rocko soon. Beavis & Butthead are solid characters. I'm a huge of Roy's characters but I haven't considering using Pac-man since I have two others (a retro Pacman and a Mokujin-bot one). I'm a fan of the "funkier" characters like Homer or so but I think you already figured that out by now lol. I'll do Captain America & Goku's sections later, and I might add a few others. If Robot Master Mayhem comes out at a time this thread is running (which is probably in December), I might add Snake Man and/or Crash Man.
  10. Also I forgot to put DDR's Marvin! Definitely adding.
  11. I wasn't concentrating when I said Homer is cheap! My bad, he's actually my favorite MUGEN character. I'm going to be updating the list soon, mostly with Marvel characters, but also I'll include Fred Flintstone and other cartoon fighters (DDR/Warner are my favorite creators and they cover cartoons which is something good to be fair considering there are very few good cartoon characters) I don't want to put cheap characters, so I'll have to check characters. I know that Ax isn't that good of a creator but I like the Donkey Kong sprite. I didn't even know about Slash before using him in MUGEN and it turns out he is good.
  12. The Best MUGEN characters for your roster Hello! This is kind of my first post, and I wanted to talk about my favorite MUGEN Characters for those who are struggling to pick. My roster has well over 500+ of the most popular MUGEN characters and here are my sharpest picks for those who want to expand their rosters and are short of ideas Shadowman (Gate & Ilusionista) Arguably the most popular Robot Master outside of MUGEN and probably the most badassly-designed robot in gaming, Shadow Man does not disappoint in MUGEN. With a very good skillset, this monster comes with moves such as a Shadowblade Barrade, and a special move which features Tengu Man & Yamato Man. Shadow Man also has a challenging AI and is not one of those who give you headaches as they block every move you do. Whether you want to expand your collection or your 32-character game, Shadow Man is definitely an addition to cherish. You will most definitely have a fun time playing as him and discovering combos. Download Bonk Choy (Apex5) 2009 doesn't have many big-name game releases, but Plants vs. Zombies was certainly one of them, winning over 30 game of the year awards. While it was a disaster to fire the crew who made the game, some of their ideas persisted for the sequel which was released on mobiles, Plants vs. Zombies 2. Bonk Choy wasn't the best plant to use, but it had a very nice design, and thus lead to it being a MUGEN character. Bonk Choy has great fighting moves and calls up plants such as Iceberg Lettuce, Jalapeno, Tall-nut and Strawberry Bomb to help him, and he has two types of punches when you're not using the allies. Many other plants assist as well, and sometimes he gets assisted by plant food, which makes the plant get a special effect. Download Homer Simpson (Warner) Arguably the most popular MUGEN character ever, Homer Simpson shows that he deserves his title specially when you use him. Homer is a very hilarious character but at the same time is a strong one. His intros are usually funny, and his moves are the same thing. Some of his moves include biting, crawling (which is a very useful feature), and that's just the one-button moves! He is not only a great character but is one of the first and still to this day is superior to most characters. There are many edits of him, and those are the only other versions of him, as noone has ever attempted upgrading on him. If your roster doesn't have this guy, then your roster is definitely unacceptable. Download Peter Griffin (Warner) If Homer Simpson is the most popular MUGEN character, then this guy comes second. Made by the same creator, Peter is also another hilarious character who would make an excellent addition to any roster. His most well known move is the fire-dump, where he takes a dump of fire on the opponent while standing. The Family Guy character has a special intro against Homer Simpson, but that is a surprise for you to discover. Similar to Homer, Peter has never been attempted to be replaced, but his AI has, as MvC versions have been created. Edits of his sprites also exist, including a character where he is in a diaper. Download Note: if you downloaded Peter and Homer, it is recommended to download Bartman, Evil Homer, Krusty the Klown, and Big Chicken. Donkey Kong (AxKing) The best Donkey Kong to ever be turned into a MUGEN character, not only his sprites are beautiful but he is hugely sized. You can have fun spamming combos and trying to discover something, as Donkey Kong definitely has many. He has a ranged barrel attack which is useful against some characters, and a crush attack which means his size isn't a disadvantage. If you want a Donkey Kong, you should definitely go for this MvC styled one. However, his AI is brutal, and he can be abused, similar to most of Ax's characters. Download Bender and Leela (Warner) The last Adult TV Cartoon Fighters in this list. At a time where the best Bender was a terrible reskin of CvS_Axel who can't even pose without looking like a donkey on drugs, a new Bender had to be made. The best Cartoon Fighter designer, Warner, knew he had to step in, and made a new Bender, who is just the perfect addition to the beef between The Simpsons-Family Guy which should be in every roster, expanding it into a three-way fight. He fight just like how anyone would imagine: Extending arms in and out then striking enemies. He has a lot of specials, and you'll have fun discovering them. If you're a fan of Cartoon Fighters, not necessarily Futurama, then this character would be a nice addition. Download Bender • Download Leela • Download English Voice Pack (Bender) Pingu (Mulambo) When you see a well-designed Kids TV Show character, you know the character is jokes. Pingu is definitely a part of this example. The former Cartoonitos star was an internet joke for a time period around 2014-15 when the MLG memes were at their peak, but before all of that by over 5 years, a MUGEN version of Pingu was made. This character is not only hilarious (just look at the guy's introduction story!), but everything about him is! Pingu is a very good character to use and he has high health despite having 85 defense. His feet help him keep a distance away from his opponent, and while this may sound overpowered, just get closer or try to jump-kick. His attacks are also solid and there are not many combos compared to other characters but you'll have fun using him. Download Big the Cat (MUGENHunter) Slow and easy to hit/dodge, whether it's aerial dodging or from the ground, what this guy lacks with speed, he makes up for in power! The Sonic the Hedgehog character is a five-buttoned character. Similar to Pingu, he has a King of Fighters style of fighting. He has two hypers and three specials, but that is just enough considering his main attacks are strong. He lacks an AI, but he doesn't spam you with blocks. Download Slash (chuchoryu) The 5th turtle from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or at least he considers himself to be so. Slash used to be Raphael's pet dog, until he got mutated, which led to him becoming a character who definitely offers something when you play him in your team. He might be the best TMNT character out there, especially sprite-wise. He can kill most enemies in short time, and, similar to his name, will slash his enemies. A good character in your roster, whether it be your 32-character game or your collection. He also gives a feeling of satisfaction when hitting enemies, so enjoy using him. Download Dio Brando (Warusaki3) Even though I'm not a fan of anime at all, Dio Brando is an excellent addition to your roster even though he may look a bit off due to his huge size. He is a very tough opponent, and is tough as a player who doesn't know the combos which can be used. He can summon a robot to support him, and it has to be said that he is very weak without him. His hypers are very great as well, and so are his one-button moves. A good addition to your roster all things said despite his size. His size is, imagine Bartman on top of Homer Simpson. Download Ghetto War Machine (The_None) A great and funny character. He has many abilities, including a gun which can push back opponents and deal big damage, and can only be dodged by triple jump (which is ultra rare but is available with Shadow Man) or barely scrapped by double. He is also pretty funny but may be offensive (even though I found him to be completely normal). The OPness in this character is another downpoint, but if you want a funny, solid-to-use-at-times character then go for him. Colonel Sanders (Peg) You've definitely seen Ronald McDonald for MUGEN. He is one of the most popular characters and despite being a joke he spawned a huge amount of edits, and even the creator decided to update it. However, a whole new character was made to rival the famous clown, which is Colonel Sanders. He also spawned many edits, including a Burger King version, and to say the least he has a far better character than him. He has many chicken based attacks, and is somewhat similar to Dark Donald (one of the very few good Donald edits) except he is not overpowered. You will have fun playing as the KFC mascot. Download Fred Flintstone and Captain Caveman (Warner and DDR) A classic MUGEN rivalry. You've seen Peter-Homer, you've seen Colonel-Ronald, and chances are that you've seen this, the best rivalry behind them. Fred Flintstone and Captain Caveman. Fred Flintstone, the neandernthal who is married to a human and has human kids, vs. Captain Caveman, the beast who has haunted MUGEN players with his horror AI and comboability and the first superhero in history. Both are funny characters and fit in a build that has the Simpsons/Family Guy/etc. Captain Caveman is certainly not to be messed with, as he has a lot of specials that he can exploit at any point in the play, while Fred Flintstone has a lot of good moves. By moves, Fred Flintstone is better, but by a heart's faint it is easy to know Captain Caveman is far superior to him after round one when he collects points for his specials/hypers. While admittedly I didn't know who Captain Caveman was until I played MUGEN, The Flintstones was one of my favorite shows as a child, so I just wanted to slot them in. Download Fred Flintstone • Download Captain Caveman The Flash (ALEXZIQ, jasontodd, aa250, bdc, yolomate, edited by JLU) When you first think of the Flash, you think of fast. This guy is not only fast, but merciless. As AI, he dashes the whole time, loads a bunch of quickly-executed moves, then barely gives you any time to think! Everyone knows that AI has to feel a bit special because it isn't human but then similar to all characters with a scary AI (most of them to be fair), the Flash is excellent to play as. You also can execute dashes and you can go quick-fire as well! Download Captain America (MMV) Goku Z2 (Cybaster) Count Duckula (WlanmaniaX) A very good character, he is very well designed with a story and comes with an ally, who at times might grab the enemy, so unlike most allies he actually is useful. He can summon little troops as a special, ones who deal good damage and are far better than Bugs Bunny's turtles (who are a nightmare to dodge but they're his hyper ability). His attacks also can come in quick fire, which can be an advantage to any player, and the AI doesn't seem to take too much advantage of it. Similar to Homer, he has a sneak attack, which is pretty useful. He however has a hyper where he turns into super duck and fires a laser beam, which similar to what you probably think, is pretty lethal. Download Chester (RoySquadRocks) While this guy is a nightmare to fight against, he is very good to play as. It's impossible to emulate what this guy does in-game unless you have hyper fingers or so, but Chester can definitely can be used for good things. He has a special where he barfs out Cheetos, and a guitar to block enemies. This character is incredibly faithful to it's original, featuring references from ads that were made many years ago, and that pays off in-game. He is 100% first-choice quality as well, so he can start for your MUGEN, but similarly to most characters he is nothing without his combos. Download Marvin (DDR) The first MUGEN character I ever made my main and to be fair he's still worth it. Making combos with this guy is pretty easy, my friend got to 12 in his first round with him ever, while also you can't take infinities out of him. The space martian & his aliens have come to MUGEN and Marvin might be DDR's finest piece of work, as he, along with Fat Albert and Duck Dodgers are the only DDR characters with an acceptable AI. His attacks have different ranges and he has a lot of fun-to-use specials. The best Looney Tunes character in MUGEN with no competition other than Duck Dodgers and maybe Bugs Bunny. Fat Albert (DDR) Fat Albert.. is well... just fat. He's pretty much the Bill Cosby character, as he is the actor for Fat Albert in the real world, and it's fair to say Fat Albert is worth adding to any roster, as he is another masterpiece by DDR. He has beautifully-interesting effects for that when he ducks/jumps he releases smoke, and he has a lot of moves which makes for very high comboability. Use him if you're interested.