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  1. Because the .sff format isn't for MUGEN 1.1, open it in Fighter Factory 3 and save it as a MUGEN 1.1 format
  2. [Select Info] fadein.time = 10 fadeout.time = 10 rows = 4 columns = 3 wrapping = 0 ;1 to let cursor wrap around pos = 480,128 ;Position to draw to showemptyboxes = 1 ;1 to show empty boxes moveoveremptyboxes = 1 ;1 to allow cursor to move over empty boxes cell.size = 100,100 ;x,y size of each cell (in pixels) cell.spacing = 10 ;Space between each cell cell.bg.spr = 150,0 ;Note: Don't use animation for cells cell.random.spr = 151,0 ;Icon for random select (don't use animation) cell.random.switchtime = 4;Time to wait before changing to another random portrait Go to the following way: your mugen folder/data/mugen/system.def and open it with any notepad program, find that line using CTRL+F and searching {Select Info] the rows section set how many slots will have in vertical like an Y size coordinate and columns will set how many slot will have in horizontal like an X size coordinate. If you put somethin like 20 rows and 10 columns, multiply it's numbers to have the total char number, change the pos x,y values to adjust it to the screen adequally, you can chage the scale of the slots to adjust it, but the last one is for another topic.
  3. It isn't possible, you need to convert it to a valid format like mp3 or wav (use audacity, probably works)
  4. Open the sprite as bmp (you need to put a BG color in a image editor for transparency) in Fighter Factory Classic, optimize the colors and put the BG color in the right bottom corner, after that apply to the other sprites and click on "insert in images", after that it will ask you where you will save the image, write the name and all will be saved with a .pcx format with one palllete, and you can insert them. WARNING:All of the sprites need to have the same BG color
  5. JOOJ1

    pls help

    Please send a copy of the full log text and i can help you
  6. Probably this char is made for mugen 1.1, can you please send the full log's text? (When the error happens, copy all text by pressing CTRL+A, after that CTRL+C for copy and CTRL+V for pasting)
  7. I want to know how to make a transform mugen char start the battle transformed, like a Transform Vegeta starting the battle at SSJ, etc. Because i am working on a Rock Lee edit making him start the battle transformed into 6 Gates.
  8. I am patching some Naruto NZC characters with the Uno Tag Type-S System v4.0, and i found an error patching Naruto Obito Fight by Mikel8888, the char works correctly, but when i call it's assist, the char don't do only one assist move, it does various consecutive assist special moves and hyper moves, it is happening with other chars like Gaara War by CobraG6. The point of the question is: How do i make him do only one assist special move, not various consecutive moves.