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  1. Visited the site but I don't see this guy anywhere. Could you tell us what section he's in?
  2. Wow!! Nice surprize here!! You really did a nice job updating her sprites and all. I'm hoping Ton Pooh will be next
  3. Wow nice to see the place is back working again and you're making good stages again too mang!! That is one really big hotel room!! If you decide to make a variant of this stage try one with a sea side view outside like those hotels near the coast.
  4. Aw Snap!!1 I definatly remember this character!! One of my favorites form the old mugen!!
  5. Ok thanks for the info link. Kinda reminds me a little of Bleach though.
  6. nice character. However I want to change the button configuration .How do I go about doing that?
  7. Oh she's not a GG character? She's just using the system right? What is RWBY anyway? a new fighting game? This is my first time hearing of it.
  8. NIce. I'll have to check her out. It's been awhile since we got some new GG characters besides the normal roster.
  9. Hey nice to see you're still working on the k-on gang. Will the fith member get updated soon?
  10. Thanks for the info on the update mang!! I'm kinda wondering if he's gonna release that little Arabian Moon he was showcasing on his twitter blog.
  11. Oh cool!! You finally finnished him!! I;ll have to download him and see how he works out. Here's hoping his arch enemy Megatron gets made next!! We REALLY need a good Megatron!!
  12. You could make her mouth open wider like OW OW OWWWW!! for the "My toes!!" animation. So far she's looking pretty good.