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  1. =========== | Hyperstorm H |========== I loved to code this. Ramza made those edits a long time ago but I never had time to do it. Sprited By: Ramzaneko (major sprites), O Ilusionista (minor edits), Rage (RMM Big Portrait) Coding: O Ilusionista Mugen: Mugen 1.0 Data: 2018.05.01 Char number: 73 Hyper Storm H (ハイパーストームH Haipā Sutōmu H) is a Robot Masterfrom Mega Man: The Wily Wars based on Zhu Bajie, a character from the Chinese novel Journey to the West. He is the strongest of the three members of the Genesis Unit, but is easily fooled. He's laid back and avoids conflicts between Buster Rod G and Mega Water S. He is one of the largest Robot Masters and the only one to have two energy gauges. =========== | IMAGES |========== =========== | VIDEO |========== ============================== DOWNLOAD: http://www.brazilmugenteam.com ==============================
  2. ========================================== ================= IVAN OOZE ================= ========================================== Here comes the final version of Ivan Ooze, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. What is new? • 3 new super moves • 1 new hyper move • New Winpose • Mugen 1.0+ only version • Artificial Intelligence • Bug fixes ===============| VIDEO | =============== ===============| DOWNLOAD | =============== http://www.brazilmugenteam.com If you find any bug, please report to me.
  3. Quick update: - All reported bugs were fixed. If you find any other bug, please report it.
  4. Famardy (King of Monsters 2) Famardy, the last boss from King of Monsters 2, was updated. If you want a cool boss fight, go ahead :) ======= What is new in version 2.0 ======= - Mugen 1.0 only - Better AI - New Winpose - New frames and new animations - New super move: Eye Popping - New hyper move: Onslaught - Power Expand: some moves will be different if he loses a round === WARNING: === Since its a boss char, any custom state move (such grabs and others) won't hit it. plus, this char can't block. THERE IS A KNOWN BUG: Maybe God know why, but people at Elecbyte made chars in a NotHitBy state... actually CAN BE HIT by reversal attacks. Funny, huh? Download the character (and the stage): http://www.brazilmugenteam.com
  5. (WIP) Battle Stormer Classics - Full Game I decided to revive an old project I had with Zvitor - Battle Stormer Classics. For those who doesn't know the project: If you never saw the game in action, here is an online co-op gameplay, using Parsec Some news about the game.==== MECHANICS ====One of the things I've changed on this project is that now it works only as a boss rush. This means no more Versus, team versus or Survivor matches. Now there is only Arcade, Team Arcade and Team Co-op.With this, you don't even face the playable characters anymore - only the bosses. This gives me more freedom to code the bosses and gives me less work. The game never were planned to work as a normal mugen anyway.==== LIFEBARS ====New lifebars were made by Exelord (WIP).And them were moved to the bottom area, as many feedback had suggested. This gives more room to the fight itself.==== NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTERS ====- Red Ranger- Tyris (Golden Axe)- Foot Soldier (TMNT)And some others I want to code, like the protagonist of SkyBlazer.
  6. Release Party - Yellow Devil (RMM) =========== | Top Man |========== Sprited By: Magma Dragoon MKII Coding: O Ilusionista Mugen: Mugen 1.0 Data: 03/01/2018 Char number: 57 What is new? What is new? – More health (no more 1 combo kill) and consecutive hit block – Better AI (uses more than 1 hyper move now) – Progressive AI behaviour: If the first round is lost, it will get more aggressive, “Eye Shot” now uses 5 projectiles and earns a new move “Big laser” (AI only). Thanks MGMURROW for the laser sprites. WARNING: Since its a boss char, any custom state move (such grabs and others) won’t hit it. plus, this char can’t block. To hurt it, you need to hit it’s eye. This version is more recent than the last released in RMM. ============= | IMAGES | ============ ============= | VIDEO | ============ =================================== Download: http://www.brazilmugenteam.com ===================================
  7. Preview of the Superman's second hyper move I was hired to code for a Mugen character. No he is finished :) Don't ask me for the character, as far as I know its a private character and won't be released. I've enjoyed a lot coding this :)
  8. December is getting close.. The First release of Robot Master Mayhem is coming! Crash Man vs Crash Man AI versus fight. His AI is a Wip, but its kinda aggressive. Sprite edits by Laspacho. Power Sets by O Ilusionista.
  9. What's new, a new update already? This is the last update before a new release, where we will have many more stages and playable characters and different and unique paths to choose from. The biggest news are: -NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTER = Black Widow, finally! She is the second most requested character from the surveys (Spider-Man is the 1st one) and is a very agile character, capable of numerous complex maneuvers and feats. Featuring a very unique hyper move! -NEW HELPER = Iceman. Now you chill out the enemies :) -NEW ABILITIES = Many abilties were added to some charcters. IRON MAN now can glide, grab and execute many grab moves. IRON MAN and WAR MACHINE converts part of the damage from electrical and hot attacks into energy, recharging the MP. And many other things. ====FEATURES=============== - 18 playable characters (+ unlockable characters) - NEW PLAYER: Black Widow - 22 supporting characters (between NPC and helpers) - NEW HELPER: Iceman - 3 chapters, with more than 15 stages - Many special powers, including devastating Hyper Moves - Alternative route - Alternative mode for some characters - Bonus stages and aerial stages - Intense boss fights - 10+ bosses - Many itens and traps - Custom voiced characters - Custom loading screens - EXLCUSIVE music tempo change based on the boss life And much more. If you are looking for a cool Avengers game, check it out. The game can be played in Windows, Android devices, Wii and PSP. This was a really hard work which cost me a lot of time and effort. So I wish everyone have fun with this :) DON'T FORGET TO READ THE GAME MANUAL! ====================================================== DOWNLOAD THE GAME: http://www.brazilmugenteam.com/avengers ====================================================== FOR EVERYONE WHO PLAYED THE GAME Please, fill this new survey. This helps me to improve the game https://pt.surveymonkey.com/r/6VGPZPB Me, O Ilusionista, I’m here since 1999 and founded BMT back in 2001. Since that time, I am making content for Mugen, helping communities and people as I can, free of charge. But doing so costs time and money. ============================================== Do you wanna help me making more stuff for Mugen and OpenBOR? There are several ways to do it: http://brazilmugenteam.com/suport-me/ ==============================================
  10. Video showing my work in Snake Man powersets, for IMT's Robot Master Mayhem project. In that project, all robot master have 6 power sets. Sprite edits by Laspacho. Character code by DCL.
  11. [PC/LINUX/ANDROID] Avengers United Battle Force - Update 2.5.2 Hello everyone. After a long time (much bigger than I expected and like), I'm releasing the update 2.5 for this game. What's new? It may seem like a simple update, but a lot of work has been done. The biggest news are: [li] - BALANCING. ALL characters were rebalanced - values of attack, defense, speed, combos and others were revised. Thanks to the large number of feedback I had with the SurveyMonkey questionnaire, gameplay videos and community help, I can say that tHE GAMING EXPERIENCE IS PRACTICALLY NEW. Characters that were not so well received before, like Emma Frost, were improved a lot and are way more useful now. Some bosses have been changed to be a bit easier, like Bowman and Hammer.[/li] [li] -NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTER - SPIDER-WOMAN. To add more female characters in the game, we chose to put Jessica Drew. But as a 2-in-1 character, you can almost count as 2 characters. It has two modes, which are selected depending on which color (clothes) you choose the character - the first 3 are the Poison mode while the others are the Web mode. Each mode has its advantages and disadvantages, with specials and different hypers. She was a very difficult character to program, I hope people like the result :) Totaling 18 playable characters (counting the unlockables).[/li] [li] -OPTIMIZATION. Several game codes have been optimized. This has generated a game that consumes less memory and, even with more content, a smaller game. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, the game no longer runs on WII and PSP, being a game for PC, LINUX and ANDROID from now on.[/li] [li] - GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS. Several improvements have been made in the game, such as a greater distinction between Hulk and GREEN Hulk, new animations and effects for various characters, new graphics and animations for scenarios. Many details have been added and even some easter eggs. Can you find them?[/li] It has been a long work so far (it is 4 years since I started) and I do not have a specific date when I will finish this game due to the fact that my free time is, each year, scarcer. But it will be finished someday. I hope you continue to enjoy the result :) • 17 playable characters (+ unlockable characters) - Spider-Woman added • 20 supporting characters (between NPC and helpers) • 3 chapters, with more than 16 stages • DOUBLE ANIMATED SELECT SCREEN • Many special powers, including devastating Hyper Moves • Alternative route • Alternative mode for some characters • Bonus stages and aerial stages • Intense boss fights • 10+ bosses • Many itens and traps • Custom voiced characters • Custom loading screens • Unique feature - Music tempo changes based on boss life. Works like in Street Fighter 2. WORKS IN WINDOWS, LINUX and ANDROID. | WARNING: Use the provided OpenBOR version to run (4420). The game won’t run or will have issues if you run in older versions ######################################### FOR EVERYONE WHO PLAYED THE GAME Please, fill this new survey. This helps me to improve the game https://pt.surveymonkey.com/r/6VGPZPB ######################################### DOWNLOAD>>>>>>>>> http://brazilmugenteam.com/avengers/
  12. There are better rips made by Showmaker, which includes some of the fatalities http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170903/6jo6ssir.gif