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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=251031805673933&id=100023013453442 If all of you are confused on what I'm gonna say here's the link of the video. Makeit fast forward coz my computer has a littlr bit of laggy hehe.
  2. Hello to all mugenatics here in this group. I just want to ask some help of having a problem on my character Igniz-MRV when was Time stop activated (hyper move) and use another hyper move named Heaven (same as Mu Ni Kaerou of Orochi-Ev). When the time ends I used Time Stop again which was the other player turns (Player 2) same procedure that I did as the hyper move end (Time Stop) Player 1 was hit/hurt. My expectation for this is there will be no hurt/hit both of them it's because that hyper move was activated at a same time. I'll try to apply and understand some of codes for Orochi-Ev but still needs some improvements and spend more time to understand of that kind of insane codes. Can somebody solve this. Hoping that there will be resond here.
  3. Thank you sir for appreciating my edit character :D all credits to sir Gonzo-, Eagrose and those all the authors who inspire me to do Igniz :D
  4. Just what I've promise, here's my updated and enhanced Igniz-MRV here's the description: Link for Igniz-MRV (Old Version) http://www.mediafire.com/file/2zaefln1aq8aq29/Igniz.rar Link for Igniz-MRV (Updated Version) http://www.mediafire.com/file/vlax4z56z5xphau/Igniz-MRV.rar If you want to watch videos here are the links :D :D
  5. Thanks to you sir for your effort on replying what am I concern in this thread. Actually sir I already solved this problem with the help of my friend Matter Mugen by teaching me on how index pallete in photoshop works.
  6. Hello Everyone :D It's good to be back I'm Mharven if you still remember my name haha actually I've already registered here I don't know the exact year month or date but I think it's been a year since my account was not active and that is the reason why I created a new account haha I forgot my password including my email address so that I can't retrieve the old one sorry for sir Ryon I think I have not followed the rules or there is some rules that I've violated. For those who download and commented on my creation character Kato and my favorite character Igniz-MRV (Mharven Rod Version) inspired by Gonzo and Eagrose whether it's good or bad feedback thank you very much I appreciate your effort on helping me to motivate to continue what I'm doing or there's need an improvement on creating character. I already updated Igniz-MRV and I uploaded here soon the reason is because I love Mugen Free For All to sir Ryon Persaud the most respectful and a very kind person thank you for your tutorials that gave me an ideas in my characters and also all the members here are good and very kind. To make it possible hoping that you answer my questions in this forum haha I'll promise if I'm done I'll uploaded here as fast as I can. Thank you and have a good one to all members here in this forum more power :D Love you all From here in the Philippines "Magandang Umaga sa inyong lahat at maraming salamat" (Good Morning to all of you and thank you) "Mabuhay" :D :D
  7. Palette Problem Hi everyone I'm new here in this forum hoping that all of the members in this forum are nice, there's no trash talker here and also my question would be answer as soon as possible. I'm having problem on inserting palette of my favorite character Igniz from King of Fighters. I found some sprites in other source and I just want to combine them as one. I've successfully combined the 1st palette on my character but others are not good I failed combining 2 to 12 palettes and I don't know what to do. . I want to insert some screen shots here but I don't know also so I uploaded it via imgb https://ibb.co/geNXda https://ibb.co/cM4OjF https://ibb.co/fWyurv https://ibb.co/jPvkya 1st link is the default sprites/palette of my character 2nd link is the other sprites/palette that I've input in my character there are 2 sprite the one is in the link 4 3rd link is the proof that the player two palette is red 4th link is my problem got from source same as link 2 that is the original palette from source Thank you for quick response I appreciate the effort to answer my question thank you and have a good one.