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  1. "Back from the Dead and Reporting for Duty!" = TF2 Soldier


    Hey Everyone, as you all saw the first line

    Yep, I am back after being on a very long hiatus (AKA Banned)


    So before you ask



    Well, let me tell you:
    I have accidentally reveleaded my age here

    And well, i got banned


    And my reaction when i got banned?:

    I was Sad and Angry and i was sending tons of angry letters to RicePigeon and Laharl, but then, i got over it as the time goes on, and now, i am now back now


    (RicePigeon and Laharl, if you two are reading this, i am sorry for sending you Angry Letters after the Ban, I promise i will act better now)


    But anyway

    What did i miss?





  2. matoi_ryuko_11_19_2017_35733_thumb.gif

    (Below is my reaction to it)

    Note: I'm a big fan of Kill la Kill



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    2. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Let's pray that someone would make a better Ryuko character for MUGEN

    3. RMaster007


      *breaks in through the wall* I'LL DO IT

    4. Xiristatos


      I don't know about you, but something inside me just really wants to see a MUGENised Esdeath... she's basically the only reason I bothered to look up what Akame Ga Kill is. While it's... alright, it's nothing too special. But what I can say is that Esdeath is easily the best character there, and I'm not alone on this thinking.

  3. I think that you should add some preview images for the characters
  4. Sorry but i don't have a account on any file sharing websites (You gotta ask Flare-Gamer-64 for it, he linked the Mugen Archive links for Youtubers Mugen Characters
  5. Added Markplier by MechaDiablo
  6. Added the Stage section and the two stages
  7. K Marked IDubbbzTV as Crap
  8. Thanks Added aMAXproduction's edit of Jontron Okay, tell me when you reupload him BTW Do you have Synck's edit of Nostalgia Critic?
  9. TeamAllStarMegaMix made King Harkinian
  10. TeamAllStarMegaMix made King Harkinian
  11. Thanks Added the 2 versions of Joel/Vinesause
  12. Thanks Added the 2 versions of Joel/Vinesause
  13. Thanks Added KSI and 2010LifeGame's Version of PewDiePie
  14. Thanks Added KSI and 2010LifeGame's Version of PewDiePie
  15. Oi Pessoal, eu sou tambem Brasileiro mas eu sempre falo em ingles e raramente em Portugues