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  1. nvm I just found it out anyways, the way to do it is actually pretty basic, just tweak the velset in the statedef of the attack ?
  2. so basically, is there a way or specifically a code that makes attacks where your character stops moving and stands to perform an attack move forward or backward? like a charge attack? to put it short, how to make basic static attacks move forward?
  3. uhmmm, the code i placed in the previous reply is all the intros part of my character, so there is no statedef 5900 code lines, and I doubled check to make sure, as well as common1. cns, my character has no common1 state set as well as 5900 statedef, all the state sets that my character has is Normal.cns, System.cns, Specials.cns, Helpers.cns, and Supers.cns, much like the same as KFM by DivineWolf.
  4. Ah ok, so basically, the random% code is what makes it actually add more win poses? cool! Because i tested it, I added 1 win pose with statedef 183 and change the value 2 to 3 in Random%x code, and my character now triggers the added one besides the default 2 win poses ? Tho if you are still open to answering questions, I have 1 more question: How about on intros? ; Introduction ; CNS difficulty: basic [Statedef 191] type = S ctrl = 0 anim = 190 velset = 0,0 [State 191, 1] ;Freeze animation until PreIntro is over type = ChangeAnim trigger1 = RoundState = 0 value = 190 [State 191, 2] ;Assert this until you want "round 1, fight" to begin type = AssertSpecial trigger1 = 1 flag = Intro [State 191, 3] ;Change to stand state when done type = ChangeState trigger1 = !AnimTime value = 0 [State 191, Voice] type = PlaySnd trigger1 = !time value = 3,(Random % 5) channel = 0 So basically the character im editing only has 1 intro, so this whole code line is all his on intros. In adding 1 or more intro poses, do I need to add a code like a decider one like in win poses? or i will just simply copy it and just change the state no.? or some other way? ?
  5. I made some animation sets using the already existing ones in the current sprite and named them as win pose 3,4, etc.. since there is currently 2, and i want to add more, the code of its decider is: ; Win state decider ; CNS difficulty: basic [Statedef 180] type = S [State 181, 1] type = ChangeState trigger1 = 1 value = 181 + (random%2) I checked the old forum that says easy to add more with this code ; Win state decider ; CNS difficulty: basic [Statedef 180] type = S [State 190, 5] type = ChangeState trigger1 = 1 value = 18000 + (random%2) But the code does not work, cus when i tested in MUGEN, my character does not do any win poses anymore, he just stands there with his usual combat stance So is there other effective fool proof ways to add more win poses to a character? like is there a specific code for it to work? or one needs to be added besides using the states sheet in FF3 to add win poses?
  6. coding question: I see that some attacks IGNORE BLOCK and went straight to hitting the enemy, I want to know how to change a regular blockable attack into a not regular unblockable attack!!! what codes are specifically in the attack def which makes it blockable and unblockable? for example, Saitama's attack ignore's block, so I want to know how to change blockable attacks to unblockable ones for the other characters.
  7. Unfortunately, MUGEN ARCHIVE has drawn the line in download restrictions, from 50 mb to freaking 5mb limit, now I cant get 90% of characters in there, even if I registered and have an account, and it says that I do not have permission to access the page due to several reasons.. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation The main question is... HOW AM I GOING TO GET PAST THAT RESTRICTION???? I have an account for it, I activated it in email, but they still wont let me get the characters I want.. if the reasons of their intentions is to get money via donations, that is not a good strategy -_- So yeah, any ways to get past that restriction? If yes, tell me and you will be greatly appreciated! ^_^
  8. thanks TheJMan! mainly on the engine to make a character for the game, but one more question, what is the best link to get that engine? there are multiple and Im very cautious, especially that I even named myself that haha, btw Im using windows 10 64-bit
  9. Hi, Im new to Mugen, and the customizability catches my interest, and as a person who is at least patient to make something worthwhile, Id like to know the best and most trustworthy site to get it, many said softonic gives viruses and exclaimed that is the only effective site to get the base game, and the Elecbyte site is forbidden to access for me.... since this site looks like the most updated and most trustworthy, are there links to get the base game through here?? and one last thing, does the base game come with an engine wherein I can make my very own character for the game?? otherwise recommend me links to get an engine that can make one/ edit an existing one.. any replies preferably from veterans of this game will be appreciated a lot!!