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  1. So, since we have Super Mario Maker and Sonic Mania Sonic for MUGEN, why not have Mega Man 11 Mega Man for MUGEN with sprites taken from Mega Man 7 and having the Double Gear System and having the Mega Man 11 robot masters as assists?
  2. There's only 2 Gumball stages consisting of outside of Gumball's house and the Schoolyard from Elmore Junior High. I think should be more stages such as...
  3. A Dragon Tales stage for MUGEN, eh? Interesting. I used to watch Dragon Tales when I was a kid.
  4. Welcome! Mostly most MUGEN users are male, but you're actually female! That's interesting!
  5. Not to mention, the creator who made that Chara is Japanese.
  6. Oh, and how's Courage so far? Is there anything else left until his full release?
  7. I feel like there should be another stage from Courage such as the Town of Nowhere. The Bagge Farmhouse was already MUGENized, so why not the Town of Nowhere?
  8. Now that's what I'm talking about! Nowhere isn't the only Courage stage for MUGEN now!
  9. Of course this collection would be made.
  10. You're right! This definitely needs to be released!
  11. Well, we got Courage's house for MUGEN but what about we have another one? Wlanman has Katz as one of his future W.I.P.s, but I feel like Katz should have his own stage just like Courage. That's why I feel like a Katz Motel stage should exist.
  12. I bet your Ed will be better than all the other versions of him in MUGEN. Can't wait for him once Courage is finished!
  13. Wonderful! Now I can finally have this cowardly pink dog on my MUGEN! Can't wait for the full release!