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  1. Question about Forum So, I am having a bit of trouble figuring out where exactly should I post a couple of questions I have about character Palettes and Palette Sprites. Where exactly should I start a discussion/ask a question about these things?
  2. Heyo Old. Didn't expect ya to find ya here as well. Guess ye can't keep on ol' Mugen creator in one place. :D

  3. Salutations to all Mugen fans. Name's Mr. Labo and this here be my introduction topic. :) I may be new to this site, but this ain't my first Mugen rodeo. At least, as far as enjoying the many creations of all the talented people who make them go. Never was one on the creative outlet myself. :P I used to frequent other Mugen Forums as well, like Crusader Cast and Infinity Mugen. I ain't the most social guy, so I doubt if anyone remembers me, but if there are any members from these places around here too, hello once more. :D I came across Mugen FFA a few years back, where I was able to find many wonderful characters to play with. I decided to make an account a few months back, seeing as I loved Crusader Cast's community and I wanted to branch out to other sites as well, as I always like getting around with other communities, especially creatives ones like most Mugen communities are. I was held back from doing so back then, however, what with personal life getting in the way and the shocking dissapearence of the Crusader Cast forums. I finally found time to make an account today. Better late than ever, I suppose. And apologies for this mouthful of an introduction. I never was one for short and simple introductions. My sincere thanks for your patience reading thus far. XD So, yeah, an old mugen fan, just hanging around to meet new people and looking forward to try out all the amazing creations from all the talented people around here. Nice to meet you all, fellas! :D