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  1. I can only accept requests for one more day. Once then, I can't look here for anymore.
  2. I'm making a combo video of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and I'm looking forward to requests. You can only request one team. The first you request is the character that does the most in the combo. Your second character you request is the assist character. Any of the available characters can be requested. Yang and the character sets #2 and #3 won't be accepted. This video is going to be released before the 19th, which is the date of those characters' release.Your name will be somewhere in the combo video when your request comes up. By default, your Mugen Free For All username will be presented, but if you have an alternative, let me know in your reply on this thread.Please make sure you request as fast as possible. I really don't want to lose the motivation because the song that I have for this going to be great.Thank you. Edit: I'm seeing all of my text in white boxes. I don't know if you all can see that too.
  3. Thanks. Hopefully I stay here for a long time.
  4. Dream Chance Evolution is a video series that uses Mugen with a video editing software to make look like animations. Using animating software is a pain to be due to time constraint and my mental disabilities. Here are the following things you need to know: The outcome is going to be random but there are going to be episodes that have the term "Default" instead and this goes for certain reasons. Favoritism is not a reason for the default wins. Only staff members can request episodes There is a way for others to request outside of being a staff member, but requires to join my Discord server, which I am not presenting unless if someone is really interested in requesting and I'll message them an invite link. But they must meet a certain requirement and it will take time. This is to ease the amount of requests. Not all requests can be taken. Match-ups must be characters available on Mugen and have good combo games. CVS3 with Punch and Kick chain combos are acceptable to most characters if they don't have combos that are well in their original games. A version of a character cannot be used twice unless there is a lot with that character than can be used in many ways that can fill up multiple episodes. Anything else I forgot will be added here. Stay tuned for more episodes. Here are the episodes so far:
  5. Hi, I... uh... I'm here to entertain people. I'm starting a thread in Cinema that you'll see as "Dream Chance Evolution". This series of mine is Mugen videos + a video editing software to make it look like an animation by camera movement and zooming. So... yeah. Happy to be here sharing my series!