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  1. Well ya know shit hapens. Knowing you you'll be fine. The assholes usually make it out for whatever reason. Why do you think I'm still here?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxO7v5dSOVE Still the best theme in my opinion
  3. Seemed too good to be true anyway. Best we have is that Megaman cartoon episode where X shows up
  4. Welcome to the internet: where nothing is sacred and everything is free game. Here, has some weird Japanese shit on the house (Questionable but just to be safe NSFW)
  5. Kinda ironic that they give a nod to their old mascot, yet don't give a damn at all about him or other big IPs and even give a kick to the shin to some of them at times.
  6. To be completely honest, I was expecting this to happen considering the path they've gone as of late http://operationrainfall.com/2014/06/16/capcom-currently-open-takeover/ Thoughts on this? Any company's you think/hope would go for it? For me, it'd probably be Nintendo
  7. I scoffed. You say that like it isn't a common fact at this point. Capcom has pretty much been making quite a few shit decisions for quite some time now. Aside from a game being good or innovative, Capcom has been making one bad call after the next for years. Asura's Wrath being made? Cool! But you have to pay for the true ending and then the controversial remake DmC is made.(In Dante's own words "Fuck you") Strider getting a remake? Fantastic, he was hidden for too long! Now we got this chick.Maybe she will get her own unique skillset and maybe she'll even be decent character with complimenting attributes, but it doesn't change the concept that she's pretty much the next Cammy in a few ways (mostly in terms of backstory and looks. Puppet being mind controlled and seems to be at war with herself mentally.) Seriously, it looks like a Russian Cammy that got lessons from Vega and mixed the two together from the trailer Maybe it's me being a bit of a shithead or me just being tired of Street Fighter IV in general but it seems kind of silly that another Shadowloo Doll is being put in here when the two already familiar Juni and Juli are around. Doesn't help that she doesn't , Not to mention that another girl is being placed in the game, what will Juri already being the poster girl for Street Fighter IV. I guess my main gripe is that it feels like they're digging into holes they already looked into and are now just popping it into a new character, like if Sakura was faced with the Dark Hadou similar to Ryu. Feels lazy and kind of trying to say "hey we still have creativity!"m when so many other characters could be brought back into the fray and the potential is wasted (top offenders would be Karin a rival to the beloved Sakura, or Sean the franchise's second joke character. Seriously, I'd kill to see Sean and Dan duke it out.) The only thing I can compliment is the fact that Decapre IS a real character that wasn't just shoehorned in. She really WAS with the other dolls this whole time and if you replay SFA3 you can see her standing there with the others before leaving things to Juni and Juli who are considered the stronger dolls in hand to hand aside from Cammy at the time. Sort of shows the attention to detail I guess.
  8. Like I said, some of the designers worked on that game. Maybe that's why Don't jynx it....
  9. Yep, thats right, another Sonic game is coming out ..... I think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h4dZUFtL0I This game is REAL. I'm not faking this. The game is confirmed to have 4 person co-op mutilplayer with local and online play. The game itself is based on the Cartoon Network TV show that's going to be out. (Yes, this is a tv show too. You can see how Eggman looks in the trailer posted by Sega) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dm-AFKUmFw Okay so 3 major things -WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO KNUCKLES -WHY IS THIS ON A SEPARATE PLANET -WHY IN THE FUCK IS EVERYONE WEARING BANDAGES No seriously! What happened here! Why does Knuckles look like nothing but a mindless brute instead of another guy like Sonic or Tails! He looks like Chris from RE5 only WORSE! Next, why is this on a separate planet? I can't make heads or tails about it. It's like they saw Lost World and went "Yeah that works, let's roll with it." Lastly, WHAT'S WITH THE BANDAGES? You can look at their shoes and THOSE are taped up! Why!? It bugs the hell out of me that everyone has bandages for almost no reason, never mind Sonic's new scarf that gives off a gay vibe like Fred from Scooby Doo. On that matter, and this is minor but what the fuck is with Sonic's arms? They're blue. It might be petty but it looks jarring to me. WHY? Why are they blue!? Especially when you look at Amy who has normal color on her arms! What the fuck is with this!? It bugs the hell outta me! All that shock details aside, it looks...okay I suppose. I'm not sure why you would made a remake series of a franchise that clearly isn't dead yet (What with Lost Worlds), but hey, that's business. I can say though that I like Amy's new design, it's not overly simple anymore and she looks like she's more than just a damsel now with no personality except for stalking and crushing on a guy. Tails is okay I suppose, he looks mostly the same from Adventure 2 just not in a Mecha, can use guns instead of shooting out rings ala 06 and has goggles like a Digidestined....Oh, and let's not forget he can make glowing hands now and make whips out of plasma, like he just got out of the Bulletstorm universe AND the fact that he may or may not have stolen Vegeta's gloves.. Oh, and if you're curious about the designs, the people who worked on this game aren't really from SEGA, some people working on this worked with Naughty Dog (Jak, Ratchet & Clank), so yeah. The gameplay for the game looks actually pretty fucking sweet. Like a good experience in speed, agility and overall fun, Tails' gameplay looks fun instead of annoying or just a straight up rip-off of Sonic. No stupid fucking rings, but a gun blast like you expect from mechanic, And Knuckles can dig like you'd expect him to. Hell even AMY can do good trips flipping around using hammer and doing acrobatics. Hell, the concept of muiltiplayer sounds fun too. No half-assed multiplayer racing, digs and shootouts like in Adventure but real gameplay trying to help each other and get through areas. If they add vs gameplay, cool, if they add fun interactions in multiplayer that'd make it all the more fun. Aside from the.....well bizzare and frankly straight-up FUCKED UP redesigns and choices, it looks interesting and I'll give it a chance. Hopefully it won't end up like a DMC kind of remake. Thoughts?
  10. This is NOT off-topic in terms of games but uh.... Well...look at the spoiler
  11. That'd probably be right considering Weeaboo's definition