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  1. Huh, surprised that no one told me this but.... Redirected the link to the updated version of Sash Lilac (MEGAX)
  2. Oh joy, MFFA is back.



  3. Feels good to be back man.... Guess I'll just put this here.... (NOTE: Yes, my birthday was weeks ago, but I wanted to show off my latest mugen creation, of myself that is.)
  4. Oh look, another mugen battle thing: 


  5. Pretty much halfway, there’s still a lot that needs to be done.
  6. Oh look, another W.I.P creation. I wonder who that could be?....


  7. Well, well, well....what do we have here?.... A new creation? And this time, it's THE ONE AND ONLY DS12! Yep! I decided that once I've improved on coding and sprites, it was about time for me to create myself! Since this is a huge thing, I made a little surprise for everyone mugenite out there on discord. So please join my server if you can! LINK: https://discord.gg/dhrfFut And.....I also decided that I should share a video regarding DS12's progress! So here's the video! Hope you guys will be looking forward to my surprise on discord, and enjoy this preview!
  8. Not bad for a homemade AI like my self-insert has....
  9. I have some gifts for y'all: 



  10. I kinda wish Warner would make two separate .def files for one that is 1.0 or 1.1 compatible. Because I use 1.0 mugen ONLY, not 1.1.
  11. A bit of a spoiler for my self-insert... (This was in watch mode btw.)