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  1. Doesn't matter if it's edited or not, I just need a suggestion for a really good one.
  2. Not dead, I took a real long break from Mugen. Think I'm ready again.

  3. Currently in the middle of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Ya know what, after seeing some characters from Part 7: Steel Ball Race, i'm hyped if they ever have the anime reach that point
  4. Any Idea what the remix of Bodies this is? It fits the stage well
  5. I agree, it reminds me of KoF '98 where your teammates would cheer you on
  6. I thought he was ya know, decent when I messed with 'em. Any thing in particular that's wrong with him?
  7. Seems like the size of Legend-TTA (Apologies If I butcher his alias) characters, usually meaning the hit box is awful for most characters Never play against Legend's chars if you're a tall motherfucker
  8. Quite so I like dissecting the smallest of small things and giving a report, good hobby to get into
  9. I said "No reason to leave a hate comment" I didn't leave a long rant, just gave feedback and called it title-bait I'd really rather not let this linger on too our opinions on equal rights for women and such, as for nine months, I dunno. Thought that if someone were to be scrolling through the edits they'd find this and (depending on the person) start a turf war worse then the Beefs and Cripples. Anyhow, I do appreciate your misinterpretation of my intentions, lets me clear up anything I left out