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  1. Boshi by Zobbes He's a very nice character and a big improvement over Zobbes' past creations. He's a fast character with strong attacks, but he has slightly lower defense than normal M.U.G.E.N. characters.
  2. Dr. Mario's sprite isn't showing up.
  3. Boshi (Beta release) by Zobbes: http://www.mediafire.com/file/debb7riit16o0zr/Boshi+Beta.zip
  4. I know this pretty much more than a year old, but I want to bring up a custom playstyle I thought up of years ago: x: Light Attack y: Medium Attack z: Launcher a: Low Attack b: Knockdown Attack c: Dodge
  5. So.... King K. Rool actually made it into Smash.


    Also, Shovel Knight is in.

    As an Assist Trophy.

    Hey, better than nothing.

    1. Cook4251


      That reveal got me outta left field

  6. final_sprite_for_inuyasha_by_rm007return

    Tried my hand at making InuYasha more BlazBlue-like.

  7. Didn't he also make a stage of a toliet?
  8. Someone actually made a M.U.G.E.N.-based world for VRChat.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Oliver As Latias

      Oliver As Latias

      It's the Mountainside Temple. But it's not just the map. The creator also made a model of Kung Fu Man to use.

      So what's next, the Training Room? Or maybe Suave Dude?

    3. Weiss_Circal


      Oh, interesting. Can I haz screencap?

    4. Pluscross


      Meh. Should've known it wasn't OCool. Real let down.

  9. Warner has updated another Simpsons character. This time around, it's Bart's evil twin brother Hugo. It's pretty much a minor update. He has a new intro, his Aerial Strong Kick has been added, and he now has animations for being cut in half, scared, and Scorpion's Toasty. Download here.
  10. *breathes in*

    fuck airheads

  11. Yeah, sure. Only because you're too busy being a cyberpest to actually edit characters when you don't do shit. And that was sarcasm by the way. I had to point that out because you're too useless to even understand anything.


    We need to stop the European Parliament from destroying the internet!

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    2. Dissidia


      Nothing's gonna happen and nothing's going to change. Nothing but fearmongering.

    3. Xiristatos


      @Mister Fael He most likely didn't outright START it, but very likely he could have given it the kind of attention it didn't need. And I feel he commits the same mistakes that I've seen almost everyone do when talking about these issues: Never quoting and sourcing to the law/proposal/etc. iself. They constantly quote news sources that are known for using bloated language, and that gives me the picture that this isn't at all about staying informed; it's because it scares high.

    4. Xiristatos


      @RMaster007 It's actually rather simple; the less someone knows about something, the more likely they are to falsify the facts. The net neutrality debate is already well known, so most of its issues are understood, even among common people like us. I would also argue that what the EFF says about the outright "apocalyptic" effects of a lack of net neutrality are overblown as well, but it's already a much more known topic than most.


      But this? It's a Europe thing only, and pretty much the only people who declared these apocalyptic scenarios (aside from European Pirate Party Member Julia Reda) are all American, all because they think "it could turn into an international precedent" or some shit. Does it matter in any way? As a European I couldn't help but notice that Americans, especially these "internet rights" groups despise the word "copyright" more than they hate ebola, it seems. Of course any single mention of the word "copyright" in any mere proposal means "THE END OF THE INTERNET AS WE KNOW IT". Why do you think to these news sources only talk about "the end of MEMES" when they try (and fail) to properly discuss this European copyright proposal? It pisses off people, that's why. They know that with the threat of "losing the MEMES", they'll rage out and "take action".


      Honestly, if you want to make a debate about whether or not a law like this could function, then just do it on a technical basis. Talk about the languages and the single proposals, read the goddamn thing for yourself, and for your own opinion on it. What these people are doing is come up with infantile doomsday scenarios based on something as coincidental as "well, Youtube has a copyright filter too!!!", which I think is the critical flaw here: Hypothetical Scenarios. They can't even be sure if these worst-case scenarios even closely resemble the truth, so they just yell about it and hope that you shit your pants.


      I have seen this with the Net Neutrality debate and I have even seen it with SOPA, and believe me that I was in the same kind of position as you are; being terrified of "what could happen to the internet", but after years of these morons constantly repeating the same doomsday shit a conspiracy theorist would be proud of, I decided to look up such things on my own accord, and just look at me forming these stupid walls of text on just-for-fun forum communites all because I'm sick and tired of seeing innocent yet gullible people falsely believe such bullshit.


      Again, if you don't believe me, I would like to refer you to the source I posted in my first comment, an article written by someone who understand copyright far better than I could. I'm not trying to indoctrinate or mislead anyone, I'm saying that constantly declaring childish apocalyptic scenarios distanced from any truth like this is just retarded.

  13. It's a monster asking if you want to play tennis. He stole it right from Broccalon. As for Fred, literally all he did was shove the new sprites Warner made into him. I'm starting to think this guy might be an internet stalker, what with how much he bothers me and WlanmaniaX.