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  1. Yea that's exactly what it did too. It worked perfectly from the time I got it until about 3 seconds after I messed with the archiving, then it just completely gave up. According to the specialist it was just the inevitable hardwared degredation over time that did it. I can't go back to windows tho, I'm way to thrilled with macs simplicity and general lack of problems. IF, *kicks self* I had been backing up my data regularly (like I bought that freakin 2tb external for) I would have been able to buy a brand new large ass iMac for the amount the repairs cost me. On the upside tho, I now have 4tb of storge space. Given the fact that about 3/4 of my computers hd was full of mugen stuff, it's going to be nice to be have some more space at least.
  2. Rest assured that as soon as I get my computer back, I will be on these problems like a pack of cheetahs on a 3 legged wildabeast. Progress update: I got my computer back from the specialist yesterday... and it doesn't turn on anymore. -_- They didn't even touch the computer, all they did was clone the drive I sent with it, so it was probably some happy camper at Fed-Ex kicking the box around. None the less, the specialist does cover shipping costs and liabililties, so they are going to cover the repair. I dropped it off this morning at the mac shop, so as soon as they get done with it I'll be back in action. I'm so sorry everyone has to put up with the slow down. It's driving me up a wall to see all this happen and not be able to do anything yet.
  3. @Garchompmat - Sorry I didn't do it sooner. I kept thinking it was only going to be another day or 2 for the fix, then finally when it was done, there was a day or 2 where the forum wouldn't even let me register. Just kept returning errors. I do feel bad for keeping everyone in the dark as long as I did, none the less. @Big Fella - Thanks for the well wishes amigo, I think it's all gonna turn out fine in the end. Even better possibly because I'll know the ins and outs of our hosting service which might allow me to increase the page speeds / efficiency.
  4. Wait what? I don't know where she got a virus. Hold on tho. If I log into Bluehost, let's say worst case scenario, the wrong person somewhere gets that password. The worst they could do from there is shut off the hosting, and delete the icons/banner. It's not like they could actually do anything to the forum itself, right? And if that happens, and the pw and recov email are changed as well, all I have to do is contact bluehost and get it straightened out. It's not like the actual forum or anyone's personal info is jeopradized by that. At most you would have to reupload the icons / banner, and the forum would go down for a day or two. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if that's all the case I can get into bluehost today and start working on it. ( I've been watching bluehost tutorials over the last couple weeks getting prepped, but whatever I do I'll be in contact with their tech support.)
  5. Emails and ISP addresses. Their email accounts can be used to find business accounts, facebook accounts, or other information people don't want out there, and ISPs give up the members actual location or could possibly be used for other things. I'd just rather not risk it personally, but if you really don't think it's that big a deal I could just go into the accounts from this computer. Just keep in mind, all of the accounts she accesses on this thing have been hacked I don't even know how many times in the last month...
  6. Ok I tried to post this a few days ago, but it obviously didn't work. Holy Shit, I am so sorry to everyone for the problems that have been going on with the site. Here's what happened and what's happening now, - I tried to resolve an issue some users where having by tweaking some of the archiving settings. This backfired in the worst possible way, and caused all sorts of problems. - By shear coincidence, my computer decided to shit the bed completely the second I adjusted those settings. The waiting mouse cursor appeared and never stopped. I tried rebooting in safe mode, only to find the hard drive had completely failed. - By another shear and awful coincidence, my girlfriends computer started getting hacked relentlessley about 2 weeks before this happened. Her gmail, yahoo and facebook password keep getting changed. In effect, I'm extremely wary of using her computer for anything administrative because I don't want to compromise forum security. - So I take my busted computer to the shop, which is normally very quick, and it winds up taking them about 2 weeks to clone the thing. They kept telling me it was going to be another day or 2 but they kept running into problems, both with the drive and with their own internal communications. - During this time period Ryon was able to restore the cp settings to a previous state, which brought us from not working at all, to working but slowly. - We were also able to get him into the bluehost server account and the ips account, but tech supprt has not been effective yet. - When I got my computer back, however, the cloning proccess had only partially worked, and most of the data was corrupted. So I sent it out to a specialist who has it right now, and is charging me a fucking exorbitent amount of money to repair it. They should be done by wed. - I asked the shop to check for signs of tampering, hacking etc, and they said they saw nothing that would indicate it. So our forum security should be fine. However I am still extremely hesitant to use my gfs computer for any of this stuff, seeing how many times her info's been hacked in the last 3 or 4 weeks. I absolutely do not want to compromise anyone's security here. - Once my computer comes back, I'm going to completely dive into into contact with tech support while I learn to adjust all the settings of the site personally. I will make sure this shit is running smoothly by the time I'm done, if not faster than before. This is not exactly the grand re-opening any of us was hoping for. We actually have a couple of really fun surprises up our sleeves for the sute that we were getting ready before all this stuff went down. Once we get these issue's get resolved, we'll start revealing what exactly those surprises are... All I can say in the meantime is I think everyone's really going to enjoy them :) Thank you to everyone who's stuck with us through all this, we will get it resolved soon. To anyone who's feeling the need to take a break from the forum due to the issues, please please please check back in a week or two, and by then everything should be working just fine. Again my sincerest apologies to everyone for having to deal with the slow down. It's in no way permanent. Any questions or even suggestions anyone has in the meantime are more than welcome. -RMH