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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nti0DYBwvk Stage: Cypher Gate by Markpachi & Watta
  2. want this stage please ..
  3. Sawaddee (Hello) I'm "Narin" I from Thailand. Age29. Nice to meet you all . Actully I join mffa for about year but i just introduce myself today .. First time i know mugen is about 14 years ago a since i study high school. But i don't had PC or laptop . Now i work and i buy my laptop so I can play now But sadly my laptop can not load some HD stages (opengl ) And I can not crate/edit characters or stages but I enjoy them . I know people in my motherland don't know Mugen too much and don't have offical mugen team But I hope i will meet (and greet) friends about the world soon. I will start make my youtube channel soon too. But please wait for me Bye hope we can play and share together.
  4. want this stage
  5. Help me ...my new laptop make problem I usally use laptop to play "mugen Legacy 1.1 by noz" Use win7 and use External harddisk to save data and game At first i played in "hp" for2-3year Don't use good graphic card ram8gb But it can play well. Even take loading time for start 8-10min Some stages-char when battle will lag ... But last week my mainboard in old laptop is broken technician told hard to repair. So i decied to buy new one. "Lenonov z510" Have ram 12gbp good graphic card I Hope my mugen will run better and can reduce lag-load time ... But problem come !! I extrenal harddisk to open mugen same style like old laptop When start load time Sometimes system said "can not to find stage/char in select.def " when i can start game and test battle Sometimes system said Can not load charaters ...or stages I unzip new legacy mugen 1.1 And copy -plaste some stages -chars for test run But it have problem again and again. .. What happen? in this case and how to fix this? Now i feel disappiont in my new laptop Can i play it form new laptop .. So can you help and answer me ? I want join mugen community for more longer
  6. want this stage (and BGM) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k31NKtcxLs want this stage and if have this BGM it will be better
  7. who have ... please share me
  8. want this elevator stage who have please share and give me thank you
  9. want this JAM stage Jam site down ... who have have give name http://jamugen.blog103.fc2.com/blog-entry-441.html
  10. want TAROU's Shikijou, the last update of TAROU's Shikijou, dated May 05, 2015 want this char .... who have please share
  11. want this train stage and bgm
  12. thank you and happy new year 2018
  13. want this stage Who have please share and merry christmas
  14. ---- who have please give me