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  1. Yeah, there is some "news" : Thanks for Tuki no Turugi, take the screenshots from the original game, which was the base for this sprite. Time to back from the Darksyde
  2. This is not a great thing, but finally I'm getting started, undusted somethings and drawing something. But it's just a start of a long, problematic and bad seen journey of doing sprites, because real people have no personality and is obsessed with money work. There is more so-so, mediocre sprites made by me. Everything will be reviewed, but in this moment I'm just trying to focus on the grinding (doing more draws, quantitatively) where I can make some xp and maybe level up? The "mettalic" parts is awful, the pallete and the shadowing just aren't right. OH, THAT HANDS! So ugly that it hurts! And why your hips are so big? But, let's look this in a good side: She is Mai Shiranui from the King of Fighters: THE (terrible, without any ties to the original material) MOVIE, so that disaster won't be seen by many people...
  3. Not a great thing, but maybe I'm finally understanding how to sprite something, even with the doubts about the length of the arms and hands... Here is Seth with the (cool) clothing of the Maximum Impact series:
  4. It's not a great thing, but I finally taking some rhythm on the business of amking sprites. If you see something wrong, just stone me without mercy Armor Ralf, tring to do a less boring character
  5. Oh, about D.D., forget it. I just finished that sprite, and if you see anything wrong, drop a message...
  6. Well, I tried to edit a Mugeningan sprite of Human Saiki and put the lighting/shadow effects like the original sprite (except for the pants, used May Lee for base)... Some questions here: this kind of lighting / shading is fully suited to the artistic standards of classic KOF?
  7. Quite frankly? I have no idea what they think of my doubts and uncertainties about my trait. It may be because I have a good experience in maintaining the flow, but I am unable to create it. But finally, I want to ask you one thing: According to the KOF manual of sprites, is this version of BBA Megaman proportional? Should I move more in part of the body (beyond the right leg)? Finally I am learning this complicated thing that is the shadowing?
  8. OK; so I wonder if there are any more characters based on shmup ships, or chars with more or less that theme. So far, the ones I could find are: Vic Viper (Gradius) Opa - Opa (Phantasy Zone) Styx (Thunder Force 3) R9 (R-Type) Zig (Zero Wing) I'm just looking for these chars for inspiration, to see if can get ideas for a possible char ... So, I can see if I really will become big or whether will just turn into a Yoko Ono version of Mugen. But now seriously, her "music" just turn me on.
  9. So, I can consider this answer like a "YES", and Rin & Bat are 2 creators, or a partnership. Nice info.
  10. Guys, the Raiden link from Lord Sinistro is giving the famous 404 error ... But no problem, because the Web Archive made sure to save this char to us: https://web.archive.org/web/20150413201923/http://cyberbit.paodemugen.com.br/cb_charlords1.htm Only one useless question: Is Rin, creator of one of the versions of the Andy, somehow related of the Rin & Bat?
  11. It's that? So... it's the coffee with milk and goes from cheese and ham Now the shotokans have a nutritive breakfast and goes against your enemies with infinite energy! PS: never is a good idea to talk about food with a fatso (like me) by the surroundings
  12. Guys, Fred's takuma link was removed. Whoever wants to downloade it, recommend you go to the author's hp, that thing still works: http://mugen-aof.chez-alice.fr/personnages/personnages.htm And since they are accepting edits, then why not put on that list the Takuma from Belial, Clayton Dragon & JonathanS? http://www.mediafire.com/file/o10aosnq7avdfbs/takuma+AOF.7z
  13. The lies we like to hear FOR YOU, WHAT IS HYPOCRISY? WHAT DIFFERENCE MAKES A TOPIC ABOUT HYPOCRISY IN THIS FORUM? It's just that a few hours ago I had a verbal fight with the person who is welcoming me. From what I understand, she puts a lot of expectation in the medicines, believing that they are the "pill of happiness" and that by being so, will solve all the problems. I feel on my skin that what changes a person is the whole of the work. It does not matter if you take the most potent medication if the "professionals" who give the prescription are fucking for your state; if the environment only makes you want to escape from there; if the companions only go there to eat, and so goes the list. And the worst of it all: the appearance cult, totally hypocritical. You can be a huge son of a bitch if you have the money. It is not worth struggling to acquire / strengthen character, for it can not be placed in a window full of lights so it can be sold. If I, for whatever reason, decide to question the treatment, then that means I do not want to have quality of life, no matter how hard I try to be better/to achieve a more effective alternative. I can't swallow that kind of lie anymore, but I do not know how to deal with it. HOW DO YOU WORK WITH THE HYPOCHRISY? And sorry for the text, because I'm still pissed off with this speech and my lack of ability.
  14. The video was deleted before I could place your order; so... not granted. I wish to go to enjoy sleeping on a bed of nails.
  15. Oh, yeah, can I ask one more time for some help? This time I'm trying to edit the Punching Bag sprites made by Hades_Dios_Supremo. I only made a new support to see if I could finally get the volume / illumination / depth technique shown in the KOF series ... But I have no idea what to do. What kind of reference should I look for so I can make this sprite project more acceptable? Just remembering that I did not change the punching bag, I just modified its support. The two were originally made by Hades_Dios_Supremo.