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  1. Is it okay if I edit the Paro Goose?

  2. Put that on the first post if you can.
  3. I lied about the "want to have power" part.
  4. I'd love to be a global moderator! I might not do much, but it's still gonna be something! (Plus, I want to have power. It's just a trait of me.)
  5. Of course! Those are Jojo references! (Thing the thing?)
  6. So, i edited your Paro Walker. is the download link. :)

  7. So, yeah. I want leafy (From BFDI) in mugen. There is a lot of move oppurtunity in there.
  8. Thank you for the solution.
  9. Ramiel dosen't work. Can someone please make a working version of ramiel?