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  1. Thanks!!!! i'm sending you guys some sweet mugen loving :D
  2. Alien Night Cougar is down
  3. any one as Dan Hibiki : Ichidori555 ? also Gouken : Guille_N_Roll ?
  4. Hey guys just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all of you at MFFA for the great job you doing. Hope you have a wondefull X-mas! :)
  5. thx guys for the good work, do any of you still have the edit characters (including dan, sean, shen-long, goken,...)
  6. Every second between update, @Doomguy explode a guy by punching his testiculs. Please, think about the testicles and give us an update.
  7. take care of yourself man, that a priority
  8. I'm an artist not a coder, that why... + I am totaly new to creating stuff for mugen.
  9. Hey guys, here what it looks like for now. The design going good but i really need help from someone to actualy make it a screen pack... Can't get it to work :(..... Marquee Title screen Character select : Vs screen :