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  1. Ichigo: BEHOLD MY NEW BANKAI AND HOLLOW FORM, I SHALL DEFEAT YOU!!!! Ywach: *breaks off piece of Ichigo's new Bankai and hollow horn* Lulz, Almighty lets me change the future as well as see it. You can not defeat me because fate, and you've only been able to change it because I wasn't here. Lulz now I will steals your powers! The dream is dead, despair for me! Now my name and fear it, I am Onslaugh-I mean Ywach. Ichigo: I can't win....*despairs* Yeah, I will NOT miss Ywach when he dies, I get Kubo is trying to do something different with him but he really doesn't belong in a manga like Bleach. Even Aizen wasn't this level of OP, hell Aizen said at fell power Yamamoto's Zanpakuto could have killed him. Ywach roflstomped the poor old man at the start of the arc. Not to mention Ywach is a hypocrite, if he really cared about the quincies he'd have given his life to revive all the ones who died. I am seriously so sick of him, every other enemy character in this arc is so much more believable and likable than him. On a lighter note, while it does seem bleak for Ichigo, but something will snap Ichigo out of his despair. Also Ywach might not be able to take Ichigo's powers. Remember the old man and the hollow are two halves of the same whole. If he tries to take Ichigo's Quincy powers he'll have to try to take his hollow powers which are poisonous to Quincies. They may be represented by different spiritual entities but they are and always have been one and the same. The Quincy and the Hollow ARE Zangetsu and Zangetsu loves Ichigo.{NOT LIKE THAT, PERVERTS!!!!} Neither the Hollow or the Quincy will let him be hurt. Anyway I'm just really annoyed with Bleach right now.
  2. I wish we has SSJ2-4 for Goku, Vegeta and Gohan
  3. I'm actually surprised and a bit sad no one edited Gen into Shujinko. Anyone know if Fabry Taz mugen characters are any good?
  4. And now for my 100th post I shall show you a BIG, FAT, BLACK COCK!!!!
  5. My saddest mugen memory is when Judgespear retired from Mugen and started doing only some fan made Mario game.
  6. Behold the depths of my insanity, view at your own risk. But seriously, fave and comment on them here or on deviantArt. I'd appreciate the feedback http://fav.me/d70nh11 http://fav.me/d70yghq http://fav.me/d70yic5 http://fav.me/d71cc3w http://fav.me/d72kn7d http://fav.me/d77p2rx http://fav.me/d78jwcy http://fav.me/d78q4cm http://fav.me/d7fhz1p http://fav.me/d7iahg0 http://fav.me/d7k1kmc http://fav.me/d7kpkn8 http://fav.me/d7l7ccs http://fav.me/d7mea5n http://fav.me/d7mywi1 http://fav.me/d7s4wn5 http://fav.me/d8sa8zw http://fav.me/d9zkdmb
  7. for convenience sake I'd put the various stages in stage packs so if someone needs to download them on mass they can without having to sift through multiple sites.
  9. I actually like Chuchoryu's characters, they have excellent sprite work and are able to be excellent, unfortunately he needs to focus on finishing one character instead of releasing multiple betas at once. I find some of his CVS MK characters to be his best work. But they need polishing. I'd edit them myself but I have lost all of the few skills I had in coding.
  10. I'm putting a Mugen together and don't know which versions of which characters are best. I need a recommendation on which characters by which authors I should download. I seriously don't know which ones to pick.
  11. I watched Kikoskia let's play this game on his channel, I can't help but question why Mohammed Ali and Michael Jorden are having a tournament, and why they didn't invite Shaq.
  12. This is an awesome Undertaker, great old school sprites. I tested him out against a good Slenderman I downloaded and, well Slenderman will now....Rest....in....peeeeeeaaaaaaaaace*eyes roll into the back of head* My only minor complaint is no Last Ride move but then again that cam way after the game this was based on was released. Still edited sprites for it would have been nice. But as it stands now 10/10 Tomb Stone Pile Drivers.