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  1. Download it and reup it to mediafire ...i have to use my cellphone for internet now and ill see what i can do
  2. I miss ulti she was a cool chick ...and never realized how good a palette maker she was
  3. Was jamming through some old Staff only thread's and it sucked to see so many old friends i hadn't talked to in a while hadn't loggen on in over a year or more ...especially PhantomBlood ...never thought id not see him on here or Laharl

    1. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      Yea. It's different these days. I remember a while back somebody here didn't know who Ryon was....wow....Still a cool place to hang tho

    2. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      Wow ....that just hit me for sone reason ...didn't know who Ryon was. ...shit lol

  4. I was watching SP VS THE WORLD yesterday and it made me wonder if they all ever got converted over to mugen...good to hear you're still at it bud
  5. Im not Dead ...i still pop in every now and then to see the new Generation of Mugen Creators at work...and to check out what my old friends are up to...

    See Ya In The Pit - ZB

  6. The 2nd version (updated) of Wario By AX and FlammableKing leads to a dead Sendspace download. ...anybody got a copy for a Re up?
  7. Yup..same ol empty Rar error ...sigh
  8. Sweet ..this will replace my current Jus Toppo
  9. These 2 JUS DBZ characters Taipon ( newly released) BUT no matter the source of which i dl it ...i always get an empty Rar ...everytime False Super Saiyan Goku Same issue empty Rar Don't know what the issue is so,im hoping someone who didn't have said issue will float me these guys for my Jump Allstars Dragonball collection
  10. Was that Echo jumping in the background? Lol ..another great stage
  11. Here ya go ...i did what i could given that his entire pallet shared with each other ..hope ya like em and on some of them i changed the demon hipster chicks as well https://www.sendspace.com/file/26w0m4