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  1. Updating with Pandora and Saori Kido, that be amazing!!
  2. Hi people I did these good palettes for all White Snow Cinderella Belle Red Riding Hood Golden Miss Bride Morticia Lei Lei Pandora Saori Kido Download (onedrive) https://onedrive.live.com/?id=EA5DD2787ED70F5%21105&cid=0EA5DD2787ED70F5
  3. Here thanks, well in case the Disney be a trouble let's try another good one and not Disney char, the also famous character, the.... Red Riding Hood
  4. Here, one nice pallete I did this one today and was one of the best I've ever done
  5. Greetings I'm not very good in mugen but like the most I do a lot of downloads and edits lately...(I have more of 100 GB of mugen I guess) I do many portraits and palettes to try give one better appearance to game one thing about me, I like of... pizzaaaa..... :)