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  1. Go to /wsg/

    1. llyyr


      Or /a/ for all I care.

  2. IRC oh yes please. I'll make the botwars happen in Python. In all seriousness, if you need a chat alternative IRC is a good place. But only 1337 haxx0rs use it in this day and age, so yeah. I'm definitely not going to that XAT chat tho.
  3. llyyr


    Uh, if you have watched anywhere close to 100 animes then you can tell that it is cliche as shit. There is no story, and the whole point of the show is censored fanservice. The characters are generic copy paste from other anime. Soundtracks aren't anything good. If you just want fanservice then there are better things to watch. First of all, how does the MC still go to school like nothing happened and tells literally no one after being almost being raped by a centipede. I could go on all day telling you how bad this is.
  4. I feel like we are some mafia group since Ryon is called "boss" by literally every single person.


    We need to make it more mafia-like.

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    2. Noside


      We are a Chinese Triad in case you didn't know. :heeee:

    3. gui0007



      We're the MUGEN Mafia! >:)

    4. Cayne


      But that shirt though................................................:awesome

  5. Is this MFFA v6 or v5, I forget.

    1. Galvatron


      Uhhh... i believe its  V6 right? :-P

  6. tfw can't post in administration area.

    1. Ryon
    2. Ryon


      Ok its fixed, it was a permission error