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  1. That reminds me :P https://www.deviantart.com/supermario2467/art/The-REAL-Bowsette-Sprite-Kart-Fighter-edition-771662615 even though i have very little movivation to make this as a joke later on
  2. Something about these 2 versions of fighter factory

    The issue i got on Fighter Factory Studio: Saving those .ffc files and loading them somehow is empty (Note: I am using the 64 bit version).

    Fighter Factory 3: Sometimes the text has some black boxes or just has a big black background (Im unsure where this comes from :P). Tho its not that bad when trying to load them

  3. (I should've maybe said this much earlier before)
    All of that Undertale Content for MUGEN: I am no longer interested in that stuff anymore.
    To be honest. due to how loads of characters are now full of trash. It pretty much made me lose interest on that stuff.
    As of right now: I have moved on to a different franchise. Mother/Earthbound

    On the other hand: I even moved on to A Sumin/Gram Parson like characters (At least i managed to CAPture that style of gameplay)

    1. Darkflare


      So you moved from Undertale to Undertale's inspiration

    2. MugenGuy4164
    3. Darkflare


      So basically not much of a difference at all.

  4. A 4v4 battle of the Sumin Imitators i Created

    Note: the other 3 kids from Mother 2/Earthbound (Their sprites were done by me)

  5. Totally Easy 

    (To be fair both of these version of ness (The ones on the right) just dont go well (imo)

  6. Okay desu ka? (Is this okay?)

    Video (There is now 8 nesses)

  7. And were back again after a month

  8. Ahh that classic SMB3 Koopaling boss like battle

    But its ported to MUGEN


  9. So i made an expansion of the "Double Crossers" (Super Wario World sprites expansion)

  10. Caution: May contain lots of helpers


  11. "Look at all those Eggman's Robots" ~ Tails


    1. Cook4251




      "Don't get so excited boys! Those were the eeeeeeazzzzy wahnz!"

  12. Ahh some food by the chef and watch (Mr Game and Watch as a chef)

    Hint Hint: Some of those food are from a meme source

  13. A battle between The Nintendo and SEGA mascot + Sumin/Gram Parson + Smash Bros


    1. Pluscross


      More curious about that Mushroomy Kingdom stage in the second video. That's... Interesting.

    2. MugenGuy4164


      I did that "Mushroomy Kingdom" Stage

  14. Felt like showing those sumin/gram parson character imitations in a group download



    keep in mind: Not all of them have those strikers and such. Plus updates will come