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  1. I made a stage for this M.U.G.E.N Project, and converted a character. This is mostly just to promote the Animator vs Animation and Animation vs [blank] series. Note: For flying characters, you probably only need snippets of the code but i'm too lazy to convert them. Link to the Animator V.S. Animation pack
  2. I have been wanting the daniel_ex for a while. Anyone have it?
  3. I have been wanting the daniel_ex for a while. Anyone have it?
  4. I'm looking for the version of Daniel CvS with the "ex" daniel definition in his folder. Anyone have him? If so, please send him to me.
  5. Hello. I am a person that makes dumb videos and chars (Like my daniel edit) and stuff. Just think about a lazy person. Now smash him together with coding. That's me in a nutshell. ._.
  6. Happy very late birthday dood. Well done

  7. My first successful sprite swap: Super Smash Bros. Mario! Click to download I forgot to change a couple of sprites. Please help with that!
  8. this is my smash mario, please no hates! He uses pocket Mario as a base. DOWNLOAD HERE I also forgot to change some sprites, Please help me if u can! Also create some sprites too! get sprites from sprite sheets! DO ANYTHING YOU CAN!